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Routine Maintenance on May 5

Routine Maintenance on May 5

Castlot will be undergoing maintenance for about 20 minutes starting at 00:00 on May 5, 2014, during which your connection to the game may be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.

All Servers

Bug Fixings
1. Fix the bug that the displayed duration time didn't consist with the actual duration time in Grail Hunting and World War.
2. Fix the bug that the amount of Prestige gained by players whose Relics were taken was incorrect.
3. Fix the displaying problem which occurred when Heroes were switched during Attribute Boosting.
4. Fix the error which occurred when players operated on the team-up panel after occupying a three-player Relic.

5. Display order of cities will be fixed in the city list, which will be Main City, 1st Subcity and 2nd Subcity.
6. Snowland Plateau and Snowland Corridor will be added to Ultimate Explore.
7. Heroes won't be able to be switched during Attribute Boosting.
8. Players' contribution point during Grail Hunting will be ranked and available for query.

Castlot Team


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