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CR20140513 Version Update

CR20140513 Version Update

Dear player, 8 L0 o4 P- S' s) r2 c
To bring a better game playing experience, US servers will be performed with maintenance around 02:30 server time on 13th, May while EU around 10:30 on  13th, May. The maintenance is expected to be lasted for around 2 hours. Sorry for any might inconvenience it will cause to you.
" @5 S- F2 r# |# U" [" L7 lHere are the details:
2 F5 S$ Z5 Y2 R/ m 7 m) c5 E4 J% j" N/ P- H
New Function
) a. _. }% b" Q1.        Lucky Card is available.
4 t1 f. ^$ n( U; m% i( s, Y( o2.        New events. " C/ S2 m1 F# T* A1 Q$ S

  m: C0 Z4 c, j7 `% \. MOptimization: ( y! x7 Q4 q  X  P( s6 D2 W
1.        Mount Upgrade assessment has been added in Rating Assess. ; h* C4 Y% p: M( b4 c" k: e9 L  H
+ I. Y1 g; u+ n/ |1 ~' b' O/ [* r
Best Wishes, % Z$ e' d% }) O; L1 Z4 j
Gamebox CR Team


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