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Routine Maintenance on May 13

Routine Maintenance on May 13

Castlot will be undergoing maintenance for about 20 minutes starting at 00:00 on May 13, 2014, during which your connection to the game may be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.

Server: All Servers

Bug Fixings
1. Fix the bug that players could still dispatch troops for Explore when they have troops in Explore expedition.
2. Fix the bug that the Duration time was wrong when players located and attacked footholds by coordinates in Grail Hunting (the second stage) and World War.
3. Fix the bug that the city order in "Troops" panel of "ARMY" didn't consist with the city order on the left side of the Main City.

4. The Honor Emblem panel of Rosy Road to Glory will disappear in 3 days after the activity ends, by then the Knight Badges will expire too. Please claim your rewards of the activity in time!

Castlot Team


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