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Power Change ITEM free request

Power Change ITEM free request


Hi ,
I am SAMIRUZA2 , with ( fb acount ) , server S.28 .

I have , a little "problem" , with change power settings .
When the  last update made with "change power" roules ( in all entire alliances ), MY ALLIANCE - Elites-Ro become innactive and a big part of the members quited from that alliance . I saw that I had already aprox. 1,3 k gold ( after update roules ) but I didn't know that 1k gold was reserved for CHANGEING my POWER FACTION ( I thought I bring an ITEM for to change the power and NOT GOLD ) , and I spent money in other ways . I quited already from my ex. alliance and I wanted to join tu FUBAR alliance , to join to my old and powerfull friends of mine . BABAL2 player said that if I want to join to FUBAR alliance , I MUST CHANGE THE POWER INTO "ALLIES" FACTIONS (POWER) , and in that moment I understood why I had at least 1k gold ( 1k gold I thought was an compensations of some aother problem of the game , but not for "CHANGE POWER" rouls and ALLIANCES ) .

So , my request is IF YOU CAN HELP ME to change my power factions of USSR , into ALLIES power . I don't need gold but , please , give me for free that ITEM witch let me to change the power , to join at my old friends .

I sent that request too , for few days ago , into SISTEM and GW e-mails .

PLEASE help me to join to FUBAR alliance , giving for free , CHANGE POWER ITEM .

With respect ,


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