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the mr in the new version

I think everyone is right they have tookn so much mr from us to do anything with 5 troops at level 46 it cost me between 25-45000 to activate in world war and around 25000 to play anyother levels like instances and campaign at one point in this game a month a go I had millions of mr now I cant even get up to 200000 to play the game ill never be able to level up with the rp for general status im stuck on senior captain and the way its lookn if I want to play ill always be here I cant get enough mr to play a full day anymore I thought yall would want more people to play not make it harder for them to keep playn and from what I read im not the only person that feels this way if I produse mr all day non stop I wont get over 300000 doutably and we all need this to keep playn so why would u give us less and make us spend more of what we need to play everyday ive played this game everyday for months now but it seems it becoming more difficult to do so even with the problems I was havn more fun playn when we had the people to play with  and able to play till I ran out of chances now I cant even do that I have to stop every few hrs to even get the mr to try and city siege to get more but even in their no ones playn much anymore to do anything im in s56 and Arizona it gottn to where I don't play but s56 now its just not as fun even when I didn't know what was going on and sold badges I needed in the world war which screws me now but I keep going we need more mr and more explanations on what these things are in our storage houses things u get at level 20 but don't use till 50 and jus take up room so u get rid of them cuz u don't know right now and their in tha way it would be helpful to have a list of every item in the help or tip box and what they are used for and how to use them to be better players as rookies and more experienced veterans thanks for the game but plese stop making it harder to be a player for tha game for the people who like to play all day everyday we were here for u please be here for us I really don't want to have to try and find another game to play when I liked this one and spent so much time in it thanx team for the effort and continue to make the experience better for everyone

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