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CR20140520 Version Update

CR20140520 Version Update

Dear player,
7 e5 c# t! ~. ~/ L: m7 v/ vSorry that there is no pre-post about the maintenance on 20th. + h, o. V/ O! |* s5 S
The compensation have been sent to you already. Please check the ingame mail.
, h8 F+ ?# I5 O
) f) e& t5 o! Y: H: h& @: }Here are the update details:
7 u2 I2 ?' \: b. v: I- P; h9 }New Function
! H; _! j+ K) X1.        New Events ) I- D- k/ N( N; a5 o& L
9 v8 o% E9 e! W* t

! J7 ]' Q6 }8 ~* PBUG: 3 C  k& d6 U$ F9 W- {
2.        The display error of guild shop upgrade has been fixed.
+ N" ]) p' Z( B# z2 T4 h* y
) t+ g6 S' c* E/ x0 fBest Wishes, 4 w% Y5 ^8 o& R- x
Gamebox CR Team


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