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[hd] UFC 213 Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2 Live Stream

[hd] UFC 213 Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2 Live Stream

UFC 213 Nunes vs. Shevchenko 2 Live Stream is one of the best fights in UFC. After a decent UFC make a big appearance, when scored his first historically speaking profession KO against Anthony Hamilton, darker belt Brazilian jiu-jitsu best on the planet Marcel Fortuna comes back to the Octagon, now as a light heavyweight, on Friday night.

As Fortuna disclosed to Portal do Vale Tudo, he thinks preparing at the American Kickboxing Academy with champion Daniel Cormier makes him more certain.

Watch here: UFC 213 Live Stream.

"There's some incredible instructional meetings at AKA. I prepared a great deal with Cormier, yes. It gives me a colossal certainty help, considerably more so in light of the fact that my next adversary will be a wrestler. Aside from that, he wants to strike when we prepare, to consummate his striking. Obviously he brought me down a couple of times, however it was an incredible session and it got me truly sure for this battle. It's essential to test yourself against a person who can strike well and has such a rich wrestling foundation, since you'll scarcely be astonished amid the battle."

Scoring his initially profession KO in his UFC make a big appearance additionally got Fortuna more certain to hit with his adversaries.

"That knockout gave me more certainty to keep the battle remaining without wanting to search for a takedown. I'll keep it standing while I'm agreeable and take it to the ground just at the correct minute if there's an open door, else, we'll keep it standing, since that'll baffle my adversary's course of action."

Marcel Fortuna is required to go up against Jordan Johnson at the TUF 25 Finale, on July 7, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The card will be featured by lightweights Michael Johnson and Justin Gaethje.

It has been an intense street for Cris Cyborg heading into the UFC. The foundation of the ladies' featherweight division was a pull o-war, and UFC president Dana White himself as of late conceded that there were 'a few errors' conferred on their part.

"To be completely forthright with you, we committed a few errors with regards to Cyborg. Thus, the minimum we can do is get our sh-t together and get this lady a battle for the title," White said in a current MMA Junkie meet.

With White's confirmation, Cyborg is presently persuaded that better things could be coming her direction. On Monday's MMA Hour scene, she communicated her positive thinking as far as being dealt with by the organization.

"I trust it's going to change. The last meeting, Dana White said he did a considerable measure of oversights with Cyborg, possibly we can cooperate," Cyborg said (by means of MMA Fighting). "I cherish my occupation. On the off chance that my manager and my organization adores working with me, we're going to have a great deal of achievement together."

"I acknowledged that. How about we witness what's going to after that. How about we check whether not going to be simply words, but rather if the training in business is going to change. We simply need to cooperate. On the off chance that you need to cooperate, for beyond any doubt we can profit together."

"Be that as it may, we have to cooperate. After this meeting, I think he opened the entryway for showing signs of improvement."

Cyborg is broadly considered as the most overwhelming female contender today, and trusts that she could have been a major star like Ronda Rousey, if just she was given a similar push.

"Envision now in the event that they utilized a similar machine they used to construct Ronda Rousey, envision if these individuals did it with me. Similar individuals that viewed Gina Carano against Cyborg, similar individuals watched my last battle. We made a similar number," Cyborg said.

"Suppose they construct my as they did to Ronda Rousey, in the event that I battled Holly Holm that night Ronda Rousey battled Cat Zingano. On the off chance that Ronda wouldn't like to battle me, ensure her, that is fine, you fabricate two stars. It would be stunning. Huge stars is beneficial for them. More stars, more cash for them."

Cyborg at long last gets her due title battle at 145 pounds as she confronts Tonya Evinger at UFC 214 on July 29th in Anaheim, California.
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