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CR20140523 Version Update

CR20140523 Version Update

Dear players, 7 M# Y$ @* b) Z2 e
To bring a better game experience for you. The devs decided to perform a maintenance again. The US servers will be performed at 02:30 on 22nd, May while EU servers at 10:30 on 22nd, May. It is expected to last for 1 hour. Sorry for any inconvenience it will cause to you. . g' u# \, W/ Q* v4 D
Please refer to the details as below: + c' B3 N' K1 j
New Function

6 j* d$ n7 ~* n( ?  K, O/ l$ w5 }1.        Guild Benefit Return event is online. All guild members can get rewards if the total recharge of guild members reaches certain amount.
6 V: j) p% }' \2.        Investment Plan is back. ) H" f* A. N4 k7 I; P3 t
3.        Lv6 gem has been added in Ancient Treasure. ! U8 g/ ^2 `+ }7 V, O: k% w" H+ v
Optimization: % c0 P7 w: \8 i% p
1.        The stats of following heroes has increased: Thor, Skuld, Gannicus, Idun ) Z! S1 H  ^4 [0 U7 |
( v& X. ^# s  o$ `
! x$ H4 M7 H6 A1 P
Gamebox CR Team


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