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benefits of warming up for the muscle

benefits of warming up for the muscle

Not doing warming up before exercise can cause the body to become more easily and tired quickly consciously or not. When we warm up, our physique becomes better prepared with all the moves we are going to do, so more intense workouts or sports with long periods of time will not be a problem. The body will not feel easily sick because it has been stretching the muscles before.

  Make Blood Pressure Consistent

Warming up is not just making physical and mental more ready, but it will also help to keep our blood pressure stable. As our blood circulation improves, we will also feel that we can run faster or do some extra sets during weight training that we may not be able to do before.

  Helps Liquid Absorption

Warming is an important activity before exercise because it will make the blood circulation better. With our better blood circulation, the fluid needed by the body during exercise or exercise will be absorbed more quickly and smoothly on the muscles.

  Increase Body Temperature

Not only the blood temperature that will increase due to warming up, even body temperature will also be affected to be more up. This will automatically increase muscle elasticity which will also reduce the risk of muscle tension and injury. Not infrequently if the lack of warming up the muscle can also seizure, especially on the legs, the thighs, calves and legs that even if more serious will be able to inhibit ourselves to stand and walk well.
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  Reduce Muscle Tension

Although it has been a frequent exercise, in a certain period of time in which our body is not moved significantly then the muscles will re-strain. The benefits of warming up one of them is to make the tension in the muscle become reduced. Usually, tense muscles can trigger easier cramps. Cramps can occur when the muscles feel shocked if they do not get warmed up and instead directly perform exercises or exercise with heavy movement. Allow time for our muscles to adjust.


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