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Recharge in Pending Status

Recharge in Pending Status

Hi all ,

I recharged for 300 USD for the shop point event and i realized that the order is in pending status at your end and im yet to the diamonds .

Kindly do the needful. The transaction details are attached for your reference.The screen shots are attached with the mail. The status says complete but i never received the diamonds/vip ingame. Kindly help

In Game name:GeofferyKonzan

Thanks in advance


IL Pay issue.JPG (134.74 KB)

2014-05-25 06:47,download times: 0
Payment made proof

IL Pay issue.JPG


Hi ,

Please find some more supporting docs.


IL Pay issue 1.JPG (139.07 KB)

2014-05-25 07:10,download times: 0
Payment made -Waiting status in account status

IL Pay issue 1.JPG

IL Pay issue 2.JPG (3.75 MB)

2014-05-25 07:10,download times: 0
Payment made-Completed Status

IL Pay issue 2.JPG


Thanks a lot

Issue resolved


Hi Novinius,
Thanks for letting us know , if there is any further doubt regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us again.


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