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I see there is some intrest in guide so I will try to refresh some changes.

0. Formation - 1 infantry (as most dodge and stamina ) as most tough unit what takes shots and survive
    2x tank (antyinfantry unit) - not so important unit at beginers stages
    2x arty - very important - killers from behind

1. SKILLS - nothing to add. Just remember to gain 1 book everyday from Honor Shop.

2. GOLD/VIP. Now chinese (GAMEBOX) makes limits - only player who recharge can buy VIP status. So to have it you need to pay them 5$ (or 7$ from FB) to gain it.

3. FUSES - I make list what are best gold fuses. Up to lvl 30-35 u dont need to spend gold on it - items from shop or arsenal "equip fusion" are good enough. Even with silver sets you can easy reach lvl 50 or more. There is also good "beginers sets" what can be gathered from lvl 10-25lvl instances.

Anyway if you wish to get some GOLD fuses:
lvl 20 - "Sniper set" for arty. Only 4 parts: Camouflage, Grenade, Sight, Maintenance
lvl50 - "Leopard set" for arty. Only 2 parts: Weapon, Shield
Above set makes you very good attack, what is most important to arty and makes campaign swift.

lvl75 - "guardian set" - for infantry: all 6 parts
lvl75 - "destroyer set" - for arty: all 6 parts

lvl90 - "thorn set" for tanks: all 6 parts
lvl90 - "pluto" set" for arty: all 6 parts
lvl90 - "bodyguard set" for infantry": 4 parts


If u get server where there is come competition in gold spenders or see that there is a lot of idiots what pays a lot of cash to play - dont think - just leave and make new account on other one. Chinese makes very often new servers- almost 1 per week. It is better to waste even 7 days of play than stay and suffer from their presence.

There is no way to get "S" generals from event anymore. Fuckers makes them impossible to get. Now only way are much worse orange generals to exchange from "gen center".
Good choice from begining:
"Rundstedt" - infantry gen. - great stamina and some "dodge"
"Hausser" - arty gen. - great attack
"Rommel" - tank gen - good move and attack

NEVER ABSOLUTLY NEVER recharge to chinese. They cares only their bussines and profits. They listen only TOP spender (more than 20.000$). Spending more than 5$ is stupidity. Soon or later you will regret it. At later stages great idea of chinese GAMEBOX is to spend about 400$-700$ for 1 premium units (what need to repleace very often anyway) and recharge about 2000$ to gain best generals.
Game is very expensive and can be flustrating when u have to play vs idiots what actually agreed to pay such money.

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HOW SHIT WORKS: http://southpark.cc.com/full-episodes/s18e06-freemium-isnt-free


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