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CR20140610 Version Update

CR20140610 Version Update

8 V* l% l: x! QDear players,
$ {' [& N1 C  S' CTo bring a better game experience for you. The devs will perform a maintenance to all servers. The US servers will be performed at 01:00 on 10th, June while EU servers at 09:00 on 10th, June. It is expected to last for 1 hour. But the real time taken will depend on the progress needs. Sorry for any inconvenience it will cause to you.
) N3 b; L2 w1 s' \! NPlease refer to the details as below:
2 Y5 ?( A/ _6 JNew Function 1 ?  z2 m, J1 t) x3 W
( ~5 O7 ~" e( |  g! J
1.        New heroes in Lucky Card:Fenrir and Sif.  New Costume:Holy Wedding Dress.  New Wing:Covenant Wing.  New Mount:Unicorn Costume.
* k. q, B8 P; D  m/ O2.        New events.
' O+ P( S7 X4 K2 @' t7 e3.        New Costume Graphics:Holy Wedding Dress and Covenant Wing 8 t% s! P  v" A, y" T/ {
4.        New Mount Graphic: Unicorn Costume. : w  j1 d0 ]* x- g
4 c+ W1 e/ A9 r

- m  w( s( }/ Q9 h& ?5 p; OBest Wishes,
2 _8 N4 h1 j+ [( k+ P" jGamebox CR Team


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