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【Free Events! 】Game Suggestions Wanted with Abundant Reward

【Free Events! 】Game Suggestions Wanted with Abundant Reward

【Free Events! 】Game Suggestions Wanted with Abundant Reward

Event Duration: 00:00, June.18th ---- 00:00, June.30th (13 Days)
Event Server: All servers

Dear General,
Thanks to your lasting favor, General War: Memories has successfully gone through its first year. During this year, we have added many gameplays and functions according to your suggestions. Meanwhile, aiming to make GW the best game set against WWII, we have fixed and optimized the game once and again. As it should be, we have encountered many frustrations during the journey. But instead of giving up GW, you have chosen to conquer all difficulties with us. We are really appreciated all your efforts. In order to fulfill the goal of “making the most popular web game set against WWII”, we’d like to listen and collect opinions and suggestions from you brilliant generals. Please air your views freely! All your views are our beacon lights.

1.        Suggestions include: new gameplay, new function, optimization of existing functions and so on.
2.        Every participant will be rewarded.
3.        Every player can raise more than 1 suggestion, but can only receive the “Participation Rewards” once.
4.        As for the players whose suggestions are adopted, we will offer you extra gold as rewards.

Jake from S1-Blitz
My suggestions:
1. World War change back to 24/7 (at least for old servers)
2. I want Cross Sever PVP function (such as: cross server campaign - online PVP with stronger players on other severs weekly or monthly)

Participation Rewards: participants*0.5 Levy Times (e.g. 100 Participants = 50 Levy times as Rewards for everyone)
Adoption Rewards:
1)        1 suggestion: 100 Gold
2)        2 suggestions: 250 Gold
3)        3 suggestions: 500 Gold
4)        5 suggestions: 1000 Gold

1.        Every player can raise more than 1 suggestion, but can only receive the “Participation Rewards” once.
2.        All participation rewards will be sent within 48 hours after the event ends via in-game mail.
3.        As it may take a long time to check the suggestions, we will sent the adoption rewards within 3 days after the event ends via in-game mail and publish the name list on our fanpage.
4.        Adoption rewards will be sent according to how many pieces of suggestions are adopted. E.g. we adopt 5 suggestions raised by one player, and then he/she will get 1000 gold.
5.        If one adopted suggestion is raised by different players, only the player who raised it first will get rewards.
6.        Please write down your name and server below your suggestion.
7.        Only the suggestions posted under this event post are valid. Don’t post your suggestions on other places.
8.       If you have any issue, please feel free to contact our GM via in-game mail or leave comment here or on fanpage.


TugbaHooper from S1-Blitz

1.i wanted arena online 3 vs 3 or more
2.i wanted the campaign difficulty reduced,due to new cap lvl
3.i wanted more player slot in instance
4.i wanted the fuse increased chance to succes
5.i wanted city siege back,not 2 days then dissapeared
why the hell u need to create 80+ server with just 1 GM?


Sorin from S-24 Berlin

1. Blacklist:  Blacklisted Players should not be able to send me any Messages ( and I should not be able to see what are they writing on Chat)
2. PvP but not only on Colloseum and only on 1/8, 1/4/ 1/2  finals. Online Player against Online Player. With Challenge.
3. Sweep for Instances (We have sweep for campaign missions, why not sweep for Instances.).
4.  World War change back to 24/7   


Besornixon s11-Yorkshire

1. Map is over crowded with windows especially in world war. some way to open and close them instead of a permanent window.

2. Reduce prices or increase gold for recharges. compared to other games this one is not value for money

3. Events that dont only favour the bigger players. it isnt worth while playing events as the same 4 or 5 players win everything

4. more events and challenges in World war. ideas like "king of the Hill" or "capture flag" for extra rewards

5. Stop making the game harder to try and get us to spend gold. were not stupid you know

6. make one of the servers a test server so we can test updates and ideas before you make a mess of them
[ This post finally by thor on 2014-06-18  02:43 edit ]


Adés - S15 Amsterdam

Suggestion for WW :
1)i suggest to divise the world in 3 powers at start(USA,AXIS,USSR). Each captical with a 'Relic' with a specific bonus for the power who have it. The capital have some big cyties who determinate the defense of capital. Each big cyties taken by enemies diminuate the lvl of capital.
2) WW:Select all troops for moving.
3) In campaign can invite friend for help
4) Increase number of units for campaign
5) ALC War : add new differents maps
[ This post finally by Adés on 2014-06-18  03:36 edit ]


Eoinlynch - Server 47

Hello Gamebox,

  • As you might saw in some topics the time set for free attack is creating some troubles between the players and you. I understand the idea why you put it, however the players/customers are from different part of the world, different countries, different time-zones. When having this, your idea will be indifferent for some, because they are online during that time. However, it will be really annoying for others, because or they are working, sleeping, among other overlaps. My idea then is to kindly request you to remove the time world map schedule, since the advantages of it are not bigger than the disadvantages.
  • World Map is full of windows, sometimes I can't even see what I'm trying to do, only full screen helps, but not too much.
  • I would like to have full screen option when being in instances or campaign battles.
  • There could be a cancel/recover option, since unfortunately my laptop' mouse has some problems and clicks alone and makes me spend gold without wanting.. So this option would be great.
  • The same than before but for silver and trophies on fuse section, I fuse different stuff as every player, but sometimes the wrong one.. so having the ability to have the silver and trophies back would be great, since there is always huge lost when it happens.

Thank you really much.

Best regards,
Eoinlynch - Server 47


Hello Gamebox

1. Make the online gifts for the 8th one have silver and 2 instance, campaign,city so that people are on longer and give them something to keep doing
2.More dorps on skill books as thay hard to get and since upgrading skills take so much books.NOT if you buy gold.
3.24/7 world war like the good old days but truce during land rush, power battle.
4.Should be a 5 lvl under and 5 lvl over on hitting people in city stage. I think!
5.Being able to buy with GOLD one lvl (like lvl 18) PASS in campaign. ONE time thing if you like since some get stuck on a lvl in campaign.100GOLD

ASSCLOWN Portland server
[ This post finally by ASSMONKEY on 2014-06-18  03:21 edit ]


LandrBenton S40 Pearl Harbor

1. make some units/generals/gear colection
2. make units work together when they are set on auto ,like chose together or hit who wants
3. add books to instance rewards but on low rate so we will do alot to get
4. add more battle items to buy with silver
5. add vip for one day


Kamiel III s42

- WW open 24hours 7/7days
- no reset of WW after maintenance
- being able to help each other in normal missions
- continues chat, so not only seeing the messages since you logged on
- have a window (that can be closed) where it indicates which of your friends are online
- increase change of fusing with upgrading the tech center
- if occupation is ended by gold, the gold should go to the occupier (like paying a ransom to get free)
- if you become vip, you shouldn't have to log off and log on to be able to levy more before your wait time goes red
- auto fight should also use skills
- indicate if a mail has an item attached to it
- being able to retreive all items of a mail at once or choose which single one to retreive

Kind regards
[ This post finally by Kamiel_III on 2014-06-18  03:47 edit ]


MommeWaters S34
     - in Power Battle the top 8 should also receive a skill book, cause with everyone receiving 100 honor doesn't make me want to work any harder.
       - give us better battle items to buy with silver please


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