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Odin Quest FAQ

Odin Quest FAQ

1 How to get Newbie Pack?

Please get the Activation Code of Newbie Card in the official website, and then clickEvent
icon on the top right corner andselect tag page Welfare , click to new card package, CTRL + V paste theactivation code to receive.
2 How to get Goldleaf?

You can get Goldleaf through recharge. After the recharge, enter the Shop, clickDraw the Goldleaf
to obtaincorresponding Goldleaf, also you can exchange Goldleaf with Gold from theExchange.
3 What's the exchange rate between Goldleafand UCoins?

The exchange rate between Goldleaf and USD is 20:1. But it changes due todifferent recharge channel.
4 Why does my Goldleaf decrease suddenly?

Exchange will charge certain poundage as you order. It will consume a Rebirth Cross whenthe role conduct In-situ Resurrection. If you don't have sufficient props, itwill automatically deduct the Goldleaf.
5 How to hide players around me?

Press F12 or click Hide Players
button onthe
top right corner.
6 How to get 1st Recharge Pack?

No matter how much you recharge, draw Goldleaf in the Shop on the right corner ofthe bottom, click the Event
icon, openthe Event Panel, click the tag page Welfare
on the top, choose the 1st Recharge Pack, click to claim.
7 Where is NPC Kuroro?

The coordinate of NPC Kuroro is [57, 109] in Medgate
8 How to add friends?

Click on the head of any player or character name, choose Add Friend
in drop down menu or click the Friend
below the screen/ press shortcuts F to openFriends Interface, click add friend-input character name to add friends.
9 How many characters can I create with oneaccount?

You can create three characters with one account in each server. The characters cannot be deleted, and can not modify gender and name temporarily
10 What's the access level of PK?

Characters above Lv30 can click VS Mode
on the topleft corner, switch PK state to PK
11 How to join an Alliance?

Click on the button Alliance
below the screen,choose an alliance you want to join, click Apply to Join , wait for thealliance leader's permission. Join in an alliance to extend wider contacts, andparticipate in alliance events and quests.
12 How to join a team?

Click Team icon on the lower right corner,open the team interface, select team label, and click below to create a team,or choose a team, click to join it.
13 Where are the Dungeons?

Click on Event
icon, choose an availableDungeon, or open the map of Medgate, click the right Dungeon NPC list choose acorresponding Dungeon to enter.
14 Where can I check the Constellation Guardian?

Click Character
to open Character Panel. Clickthe second tag page Constellation
on theleft to open Constellation Guardian Panel.
15 How to shift the line?

Click Shift Line button on the top right corner to shift the line.
16 How to upgrade quickly?

Complete Main Quests, Sub Quests and Daily Quests according to the hints; Participate inevents such as Dungeon to get Experience; Kill wild monsters by teaming or AFK;Get offline Exp.
17 How to AFK?

AFK requires a Soulblade. Click AFK on the Soulblade interface to start AFK; ClickAFK
again or on the ground to end AFK.
18 What are the conditions that influence theOffline Exp?

The amount of Offline Exp relates to the current level (Lv10 toclaim) and the offline time. Use Offline Exp Card
to get 4 times Exp.
19 How to calculate the Offline Exp?

Offline Exp counts with minutes. It calculates after offline 30 minutes, and more than720 minutes at 720 minutes calculation.
20 How to get Double Exp Card?

Obtain after finishing the second day Test of the Hero Target; Obtain from NewbiePack; Obtain from 1st Recharge Pack and Accumulative Recharge Pack; Obtain fromLogin Reward; Obtain by participating events.
21 Can I get Exp if I give up Escort?

There is no Exp and Gold award if you give up Escort
22 Can the red named Escort?

Each player can Escort for 3 times everyday, so does the red-named.
23 How to get Soulblade?

Finish the quest to obtain Soulblade; Buy Soulblade with Gold from Soulblade Sale NPCArudia in Medgate; Buy the high properties one with Goldleaf in Shop; CollectSoulblade fragments in Shrine Church by killing monsters to exchange seniorSoulblade.
24 How does the Soulblade upgrade?

Soulblade can be upgraded by Soulblade Exp Potion bought from Shop or through SoulbladeATK. Soulblade gains 1 Exp every time the Soulblade Skills are used.
25 How to upgrade Soulblade Special Skills?

The level of Soulblade Special Skill must be upgraded through Soulblade Improve.Buy Improve Crystal
from the Shop orExpress Purchase in Improve Panel to Improve the Soulblade. The SoulbladeSpecial Skill level cap of Improved Soulblade is Lv3.
26 What are the meanings of grey and whiteskills respectively?

Grays kills are those currently not understood by the role; White skills are theunderstood ones. Sub Skills of Soulblade can be obtained or changed throughSoulblade Improve.
27 What are the use of Auxiliaries of Soulblade:Badges and Stamps? How to get them?

Badge sand Stamps can improve 1 level of the Soulblade skills respectively. Part ofthem can be bought with Gold from Soulblade Sale NPC Arudia in Medgate.
28 What does the color of Soulblade differ?

Lv1 Soulblade Special Skill is green, Lv2 for blue, Lv3 for purple. Special Skillof Ashbringer Soulblade is Lv3. The four Sub Skills are Golden.
29 How to check the Soulblade Exp?

Click Settings
on the Soulblade Interface,open the Soulblade Settings Interface to check the Exp Bar on the top
30 Why can't my Soulblade upgrade?

The Soulblade level cap relates to the role current level. (role current level/ 5)+ 1 = the Soulblade level cap, that is, the Soulblade of a Lv25 role can onlyupgrade to Lv6.
31 How to get Soulblade Spirit Stone?

You can exchange 1 Soulblade Spirit Stone with 50 Broken Heart of Church from NPCSCetus. NPC Cetus in at the Entrance of Lost Shrine Church. It has a chance toget the Broken Heart of Church when beating monsters in Lost Shrine Church
32 How to get a pet?

Complete Newbie Quests to get pet Flying Bird. You can also buy pets in Shop withGoldleaf, or get them in the Pet Island Dungeon.
33 What is Super Pet?

Requests of Super Pet: the Main Attribute is Attack, and the Growth Rate of Attack isabove 9. None is dispensable.
34 How to Improve pet?

Buy Secret Pattern
from the Shop or ExpressPurchase in Pet Improve Panel to Improve pets. It has a higher chance to gethigher Growth Rate pets by using Star Blessing.
35 How to improve pet's star?

Buy Common Generic Pearl
from Pet Star Panelor from the Pet Board in Shop to improve pets' attributes. You can also buyAdvanced Generic Pearl from MisteryShop, the effect is three times than common ones.
36 What is Holy Attack?

The Holy Attack of pet can ignore the target's defense and harm it directly.
37 How to improve Holy Attack?

Holy Attack property can only be improved with Holy Pearl in Pet Star Panel. You canExpress Purchase Common Holy Pearl or buy them from Shop. Also you can buy AdvancedHoly Pearl from Mistery Shop, the effect is three times than common ones.
38 How to improve pet's Talent?

Buy Junior Talent Stone from Shop or buy Senior Talent Stone from Mistery Shop toimprove pets' Talent, so as to achieve the effect that pets' basic attributeswill be permanently improved.
39 What's the advantage of feeding pet?

Players can increase the pet's Exp through feeding pet with green and above qualityequips. The higher quality of equip, the more Exp of the pet.
40 What is Pet Fusion?

It has a chance to improve Growth Rate and Talent Refresh through Pet Fusion.
41 How many kinds are there in equips?

At present, the equips are White Equip, Green Equip, Purple Equip and Blue Equip.
42 How to get equip?

You can get equips through killing BOSS in Dungeon, Treasure Hunt or playerstrading.
43 How to get Green Equioment?

It has a chance to drop Green Equips in Deep Treasure and Elfhame.
44 How to get Blue Equip?

It has a chance to drop Green Equips in Deep Treasure and Elfhame.
45 How to get Purple Equip?

It has a chance to get Purple Equips by underground Treasure Hunt with Goldleaf.Also you can exchange Purple Equips with Arena Points if you participate inCross-server Arena.
46 How to sell props and equips to system?

Findany NPC who has business function, open the dialog box, directly double-clickthe props in the backpack to sell, or drag props to Goods on Sale List , clickthe button Sell to sell.
47 Where should I Enhance?

Clickic on Enhancement
in the lower rightcorner to open the equip Enhancement Interface.
48 How to PK with other players?

Click the button VS Mode
under the portrait toset PK restrictions, so that you can PK the players who's not in your team.
49 How to Match with other players?

Click the nearby players, select button VS
from the menu below the portrait to battle with players. It can only VSin the main city and won't increase the Fury.
50 Is there any punishment for the Red-namedplayers?

Killing White-named players will accumulate Fury. Player whose Fury reaches 720 will beput into Prison by system. The higher Fury, the higher chance to drop itemswhen died.
51 How long does the Red name turns to Whitename?

As long as you won't conduct new PK, the Fury will lower gradually, and it turnsto white when the Fury returns to zero.
52 How to check the Fury?

Click [Prof.], open the Charaacter Panel, choose the fourth tag page [Info], open itto check the Fury.
53 How to eliminate Fury?

It consumes 15 points of Fury every 15 minutes online; 15 points for every 30minutes offline. It excludes less than 15 minutes online and less than 30minutes offline.
54 How to get out of prison when I getred-named?

Enter the prison and click the NPC Gentlemasha to eliminate 300 points Fury (whileless counted as 300) with 600 Goldleaf. If the player's Fury is more than 0 aftereliminating 300 points, the player will be sent out of the prison with RedName; if it equals to zero, the player will be sent out with white name.
55 How to creat Alliance?

Character above Lv10, can click on the Alliance
icon in the lower right corner, open the Alliance interface, clickCreate an Alliance , input Alliance name to create an Alliance, which consumes15 Gold.
56 How to upgrade Alliance?

Alliance automatically upgades according to the amount of members' contributionmaterial. Lv2 Alliance needs 280000 construction, 1008000 construction for Lv3,2816000 construction for Lv4, 6048000 construction for Lv5, 12240000construction for Lv6.
57 How to get Alliance Salary?

Click the Alliance Panel to get Salary when the Alliance reaches Lv3, personal gradereaches Lv30, personal contributions that day reach 2000 points.
58 How to get Donation?

Donate materials to Alliance Contribution NPC Sophia in Medgate to get Donation.Materials have 10 different grades, the higher the grade, the more the Donation.
59 What is Alliance Donation for?

The higher level the Alliance and the individual Donation, the more AllianceSalary.
60 Why can't I kick off others in Alliance?

Each Alliance can only kick off 10 players per day.
61 How to enter Alliance Dungeon?

There will be an announcement in the World Chennel that The Alliance Dungeon hasopened in Line X! Click to enter the dungeon ; Or click the Alliance Panel,choose the 4th tag page Alliance Dungeon , click again to enter.
62 Why can't I get Exp from Alliance Dungeon?

After the Alliance Dungeon saves the Tree successfully, if you are far away from theTree, you can't get Experience.
63 Is any EXP Bonus to enter Alliance Dungeonwith team?

There is no EXP Bonus to enter Alliance Dungeon with team.
64 Why are the materials dropped from AllianceDungeon BOSS all red?

Items dropped from Alliance Dungeon BOSS belong to the player who first beat it.
65 How to check the Hotkeys of the game?

Put the mouse directly to game function key, it will show the Hotkeys; Or click theicon Settings
at the top of the Shop,open the game Settings Panel to check the Hotkeys.
66 How to show items in world channel?

Press Ctrl and click item to show in the world channel.
67 What's the Hotkey of AFK?

The Hotkey of AFK is A .
68 What's the Hotkey to lock monsters?

The Hotkey of lock is ~ .
69 How to get up and down the Mount quickly?

The Hotkey to get up and down the Mount is Z .
70 How to Inlay Runes?

Click icon Enhancement
in the lower right corner,open the Enhancement Interface, choose Inlay, put up slotted equips andcorresponding Runes to inlay.
71 How to Fuse runes?

It requires 4 runes of same kind to fuse rune, and the fused rune is one levelhigher thanthe highest one of the4. In the fuse, if there is any bound rune among the 4, the fused rune will be ultimately bound rune; if the 4 runes areall unbound, the fused rune will be unbound one. If there is any Lv8 runein the 4, it can't fuse. If the fused rune is a senior one between Lv5-Lv8, itmust be an unverified one.
72 How to verify Runes?

It requires to buy Verification from Shop. Click icon Enhancement
in the lower right corner, open theEnhancement Interface, choose Verify , put up the runes and Verification toverify.
73 Why can't Runes above Lv5 be verified?

Unverified Verification above Lv5 need to be verified for the first time, so as to verifyrepeatedly.
74 How to Peddle and End Peddle?

Open the bagpack, select the button Peddle
double click or drag the props to the column, set the name of Stall, thequantity and the unit price to Peddle. Click the button End Peddle
below to end peddle. Note: the Peddle canonly conducted in Main city.
75 How to Trade with others?

Click on the player's head, choose Trade
indropdown list, double click or drag things to your inventory in the TradingDialog Box, and then click to lock trading, wait untill both sides confirmed tocomplete transactions.
76 How to use Exchange?

Click the icon EX
in the top right corner,open Exchange Panel, choose Gold for Goldleaf / Goldleaf for Gold , and set theunit price, and then deposit enough money in the trading account to Order.
77 How to enter and leave Dungeons?

Any Dungeons except Single Dungeon and Alliance Dungeon, require players to enterwith Team. Captain click Dungeon NPC to enter it. Click the button Leave
or directly exit from the team to leaveDungeon.
78 How to learn skills?

It does not require Skill Books to learn skills in Odin Quest. Characters willobtain the skill points above certain level. Click Skill , open
skills panel, light the skills which meet theconditions to learn skills.
79 How to Relocate attributes?

Players under Lv40 (including 40) can go to Relocate Attributes NPC Emperth to RelocateAttributes countless times in main city; A SP Relocation (Single) will be sentin Lv50 Treasure Box; Or buy SP Relocation (All)/SP Relocation (Single), go toRelocate Attributes NPC Emperth to Relocate Attributes.
80 How to claim system reward andcompensation?

Open E-mail dialog box, open the system emails, double click the items or click onthe collection accessories to claim the system reward or compensation propsbelow the message box.
81 How to Hunt?

Select available monster, use Life Skill Hunting , which has a cooldown time. AfterHunting is used, it will display the Attribution above the monster's head.
82 Why can't I hunt?

Players can not release Hunt Skill on monsters 10 levels lower than the players.
83 How to get Coupon?

You can get Coupon through participation in events or Accumulative Recharge Pack.
84 How to get Gold?

Enter Abandoned Mine Dungeon, finish the daily quests of Abandoned Mine (once perday), or Trade with other players to get Gold.
85 How to get Runes?

Defeat Elite Monsters and BOSS in Valkyrja's Test Dungeon to get Runes. Also, you canobtain them by occupying the Treasure Box in the Test, or conduct undergroundTreasure Hunt with Goldleaf.
86 How to get Amulets?

Defeat BOSS in Deep Treasure Dungeon to get Green Amulets. Explore Valkyrja's TestDungeon and Battle of Elfhame Dungeon to get Blue Amulets. Exploring in ShrineChurch has a chance to get green and blue ones.
87 How to get Enhance Stone?

Explore Pirate Fortress Dungeon, exchange from NPC Martha with Pirate Badges, orconduct Treasure Hunt to get Enhance Stones. You can also get them throughclaiming Alliance Salary and Login Reward, and occupying Treasure Box in theTest.
88 How to get Star Fragments?

You can get Star Fragments in Deep Treasure Dungeon, or exchange from Class NPCwith Class Reputation in Medgate.
89 How to get a Mount?

The character who reaches Lv18 will get a Mount from system. You can buy Mount fromMount NPC Brudocha in Medgate with Gold, or exchange Senior Mount from ClassNPC in Medgate with Class Reputation; Also, get high properties ones throughrecharge events.

90 How to get Pirate Badges?

Player who reaches Lv30 can get quests from Captain Jack. Finish the quests, or killthe BOSS in Pirate Fortress 2F to get some Pirate Badges.
91 How to get Energy Stone?

Hunt successfully to get Energy Stone; Finish 40th ring of Class Quest to get aEnergy Box (bound), open it to get a Energy Stone among 9 kinds.
92 How many times can I use Energy Stone?

The times cap of each quality of Energy Stone is 10. It increases 5 times everytime player upgades 5 levels.



Perhaps an faq on Soulblades skills? Maybe one that shows all the sb skills and how to choose between Silverstar and Greyshield.


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