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CR20140626 Version Update

CR20140626 Version Update

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Dear players,
8 h+ U1 Y8 ^# G& I0 ?! I& ETo bring a better game experience for you. The devs will perform a maintenance to all servers. The US servers will be performed around 01:00 on 26th, June while EU servers around 09:00 on 26th, June. It is expected to last for 1 hour. But the real time taken will depend on the progress needs. Sorry for any inconvenience it will cause to you.
, ~4 P9 j' Q1 {6 C6 T" KPlease refer to the details as below: 4 j  U; K0 X7 }% n+ w) y
" V% {$ f' q2 X6 T7 \) `' e) K& e6 \
New Function
  C' j! H( U3 C% W' B1.        Lucky Card opens, new costume (World Cup Costume) is available, which includes “Brazil Mania” and “Flowing Wing”. The mount “Age of Machinery” also will be introduced to the Fortune Card  for celebrating the movie transformers IV
8 w' V2 |5 j0 m8 {2.        New events. ( }, ~" }) p6 Z! q9 {
3.        New Costume Graphics:Brazil Mania and Flowing Wing
. l* A. w& q% g: o; ~  ^3 ~4.        New Mount Graphic: Age of Machinery. : N  B# L( N+ h

- V* N7 p1 k; R* @8 aOptimization:
+ _6 I5 [0 A; p/ R1.        Free chances to refresh Ancient Treasure have been increased from 3 to 5 times each day. ; c  Q6 Q3 U8 w
2.        The max enhancement lvl of weapon WC Memorial Footbal、Illuminated Saber、Illuminated Staff and Illuminated Dagger will be expanded from 16 to 24. % E& |; U4 f" _; V2 H
3.        The system will announce only when player get red item from the ancient treasure after maintenance.
7 S- L5 c% X* v
6 u. S6 r: [" o( `3 ~4 z / i+ k- U' Z* X
Best Wishes, / y( B8 K/ E6 T! [3 Y
Gamebox CR Team

* x7 j( W8 ]6 z, }. e! S


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