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Weekly Maintenance Announcement (Updated on Sept. 25th)

Weekly Maintenance Announcement (Updated on Sept. 25th)

This Topic will include every weekly maintenance update log.
It will be renewed after every maintenance.

Dear players:
Thank you for your support for Wartune. For our plan, our games will perform weekly maintenance, please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

All servers: 00:00~2:00 Sept. 25th PDT

please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

Update Log(9.5)

1. New System - The Blessing Wheel has been optimized. Each Blessing Wheel spin will earn a random bonus with a higher bonus taking precedence, up to 200%.

2. The output of Treasure Chests in The Tower of Kings has been increased (refering to teammates).

3. The stamina icon has been changed.

4. Solved a language issue with the Ancient Rune Pack.

Update Log(8.20)
1. Unlocked New System: [Wheel of Fate].
2. Unlocked New Dungeon: [Tower of Kings].
3. Unlocked New System: [Blessing Wheel].---To be released in the near future after optimization.
4. New Battle Rating Display: When a player's Battle Rating changes, the player will be able to see the change on screen via an animation.
5. New Function Preview: Players can click on an icon in the top right of the screen to see previews of functions that have opened/will open at their current level and next level.
6. Players now have 1 MP dungeon attempt per day: EXP, item drops have been multiplied by 3 (except for chests, summon items, etc.).
7. Adjusted Rune consumption rules. Players can now refine Runes immediately to obtain large amounts of Rune EXP with a chance to obtain bonuses.
8. Fixed many issues found before pre-release.
9. Rune exchange activities will available due to the Rune System changes.
10. Compensation will be prepared for pre-release.

Update Log(8.5)
Fixed the language problem.

Update Log(8.1)
1. Change the first recharge rewards:
1) Change the jewelry into a more powerful scarce one.
2) Add the gold to 800,000.
3) Change the Refinement Crystal into Spirit Covenant(Experience card for 24 hours).  
2. Fixed various typographical errors.

Update Log(7.25)
1. Fixed a display issue with the Christmas Hat.
2. Optimized the date display for Hot Events.
3. Added Level 9 clothing and Level 7 and 8 Mounts.
4. Fixed various typographical errors.

Update Log(7.10)
1. Placing a losing wager will earn the player Glory Crystals equal to half the amount of Balens put towards said wager.
2. Grizzled Battle Bear Card and Frost Lynx Card are now on sale in the Glory Shop. The Hawkstrider Card has been removed.
   The Alpaca Card and Piggy Card prices have been reduced.
3. Fixed a bug with Lvl. 70 Legendary Stones.
4. Fixed text issues.

Update Log(6.27)
1. Add a newly Tank system, (from 10:00 to 10:30), you are allowed to join and harvest ONLY ONE time.
2. Remove bug that clothes from Hot Event exchange never be added to the Dressing Room
3. Remove bug that some of the clothes of Female Archer never be displayed in the battle.
4. Revise several textual problem.

Update Log(6.20)
1. Revised several textual problems

Update Log(5.23)
1. Upadate the contents of Evil Alpaca Card
2.Upadate the contents of Magic Box
3.Textual revise on first recharge pack interface

Update Log(5.9)
1 Lvl.70+ Solo & Multi Dungeon
2 Lvl.70+ Sets
3 Red Astro
4 Rename Card (Price:595 Balen)
5 Loading mode Optimization (change former mode to reading mode)
6 removing bugs on bleeding skills of WorldBoss
7 removing bugs on On-Line Event
8 Revise on some textual mistakes.

Update Log(5.2)

Update Log(4.25)
1. Optimization on novice guidance
2. Scene Shifting optimization to speed up system reactions
3. Remove bugs on prompting up “event does not exist!” repeatedly
4. Remove bugs on Holy Seal
5. Remove several textual mistakes.

Update log (1/31/2013)
To remove protocol vulnerabilities of 1.45 version.

Update log (3/14/2013)
      1.Level requirements for Ring and Band of Divine Rage have been lowered to level 5.
      2.Groups now have 20 summoner attempts in Nightmare dungeons.
      3.Full screen mode has been added.
      4.Fixed various language and interface issues.

Update log (3/21/2013)
1. Solo Arena redemption time has been changed to 18:00.
2. Enhanced Bounty Scrolls are now stackable.
3. Add a function of automatically collect Astrals to backpack when shutting down the Astral interface.

Update log (4/11/2013)
1. Spire and Multi-Dungeon optimization aiming at removing Black screen and sticking problem.
2. Starter Guidance Optimization.
3. Adjusting available limit of first recharge bonus and legendary items to level 15.
4. Remove bugs of the wrong reward sending time on cross server battle.
5. Adjusting the description of Lvl. 60 Legendary Stone and Ancient Boxes.

Update log (4/18/2013)
1.Punk Fashion will be available in the store!
2.Optimization in the cross-server ranking system
3.Revise on several textual problems.

Wartune Team


the future of gamebox

the future of gamebox

the question is where are we going with this site , there is no advertisements to get new players here , you have sever 1 and sever 2 almost dead , with few players left , on them . s 3 and s 4 are not healthy either , i am the g m of the strongest guild on server 4 , and 3 , i see this server beginning to die as well , i am on my last wartune tune , i've played for 2 years almost between s1 , and s 4 , game box has yet to open a new server in a full year , it seems to me the plan is to let every player quit and let this site die is what is happening , the question is why , the future of gamebox looks very bad , for wartunes


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