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Updated Version of Faction Battle

Updated Version of Faction Battle

Part I Rules and Features Adjusted

1. Leader’s Asylum

Participants of Faction Battle below Duke (including Duke) will be protected by Boss of their own Faction, and get bonuses of Leader’s Asylum.

Hierarchy and Bonuses:

2. Adjustment of Faction Fortresses
2.1. When Faction Battle starts, Fortresses of each Faction will be controlled by NPCs of their own Faction.

Adjustment of original state of Fortresses:
Old one:

New one:

2.2 Substantially increase NPCs amount in each Fortress, players will no long need to wait for a long time for joining battle.
2.3 Attributes of NPCs in certain Fortresses will be increased.
2.4 Territory Buff: fortresses that closer to Boss of your own Faction, LORD BLACKMORE/KING ARTHUR, the more bonuses for your troops.
2.5 After seizing Fortresses of opposing Faction, NPCs of seizer side will appear again. In order to take back their Fortresses, players will have to fight against the NPCs of seizer side.
3. Adjustment of Neutral Fortresses
Adding guarding NPCs to Neutral Fortresses, players of each Faction have to kill all NPCs in Neutral Fortresses before seizing the Fortress. There will be no longer bonuses for different terrain in Neutral Fortresses. Battles of Faction Battles will start from Neutral Fortresses.

4. Adjustment of Raider Legion
Substantially increase troops amount of Raider Legion to reduce the waiting time of players.
Raider Legion will be sent by players, and can be sent more than once (please find details in Leader Tactic).

5. Adjustment of Boss Fortresses, KING ARTHUR & LORD BLACKMORE
Increase troops amount in KING ARTHUR and LORD BLACKMORE, and players will be able to send troops there for supporting their own Boss.

6. Adjustment of Rewards
6.1 Drop Items: PVE in Raider Legion and ordinary Fortresses will just drop Leather and Fertilizer. Battle Badges will be gained in all PVP battles and Boss Fortresses PVE battles. Dropping of Battle Badges will be related to amount of soldier loss. The amount of soldiers killed and score can affect the dropping rate. The more soldiers killed and the more score, the higher the dropping rate. Dropping rate of items will be also dynamic changed according to amount of items players already get.

6.2 Battle Credit: Credit gained from PVP will be higher than ones from PVE, and it will also be easier to gain.

6.3 Exploit Box: as long as players’ Battle Credits reach certain amount, players will receive Exploit Boxed in Depot correspondingly. There will be a max amount of Exploit Boxes each player can get. By opening the Exploit Boxes, players will receive Gold, Battle Badges, Golden Keys, Magic Potions and Books randomly.

6.4 Player Ranking and League Ranking Rewards: both Rankings will be calculated by players’ Credits, and players will receive different rewards correspondingly.

Player Ranking Rewards

League Ranking Rewards

6.5 Rewards for Winning Faction
6.6.1 All participants of winning Faction will receive Rewards of Participation.
6.6.2 If Boss of opposing Faction be defeated, all participants of final battle will receive an extra rewards of Final Battle, and player who blows the final strike will receive Rewards of Final Victory.

6.6 Adjustment of exchanging Badges

PART II Added New Features

1. Magic
Players will be able to release Lightning Bolt to Fortress where their troops are in.

Lightning Bolt
By using Lightning Bolt, players can cause troops damage to opposing troops.

Lightning Bolt can be used only when there’re troops (players or NPCs) of both Factions in that Fortress at the same time. Cool-down time for Lightning Bolt is 5min. It’s FREE for the first time use, then there’ll be a one hour count-down, during the count-down if play want to use Lightning Bolt again, it’ll cost Diamonds, after the count-down it’ll be free again.

Players hit by Lightning Bolt can find record in Chat  Battlefield

2. Leader Tactic
This is Tactic that would cost Leader’s Rage points. Only Top 3 players in Player Credits of both Factions can use it, access list will reset at every whole hour according to Player Credits list.

When amount of Fortresses owned by one Faction is less than 6, Leader’s Rage points will starts to grow, and the less Fortresses controlled by your Faction, the faster it’ll grow.

2.1 Weather Control
Players in access list can change weather of the current Fortress their troops are in. Weather cannot be changed in 5min after it’s been changed successfully. Changing weather would cost 5 Leader’s Rage points.

2.2 Raider Legion
Players in access list can send a Raider Legion to sneaky strike an opposing Fortress, and it would cost 20 Leader’s Rage points. Raider Legion can be sent more than once, as long as there’re enough Rage points and there’s no other Raider Legion’s striking your target Fortress at the same time. Raider Legion will disappear from Map after being killed, but they’ll appear again once they’re dispatched.

3. War Resources Tactic
This Tactic would costs War Resources. The more Fortresses owned by one Faction, the faster War Resources would grow. All participants of Faction Battle can use this Tactic.
The current Tactic is Trebuchet.

When attacking Fortress, players can consume 25 War Resources for one Trebuchet, and each player can create one Trebuchet per hour.

Note: only players of attacker side can use Trebuchet and it only works in the Fortress that both Factions are fighting for. Trebuchet cannot be attacked, and it’ll disappear after battle ends, no matter that Fortress controlled by which side at the end.

Troops damage caused by Trebuchet can be found in Chat  Battlefield


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