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Routine Maintenance on July 08

Routine Maintenance on July 08

Castlot will be undergoing maintenance for about 20 minutes starting at 00:00 on July 08, 2014 , during which your connection to the game may be interrupted. Thank you for your patience.

Server: All Servers

Bug Fixing
1. Fix the bug that display of Gold amount in Academy is incorrect and prevent tech upgrading.
2. Fix the bug that Alliance Garrison didn't take part in battles when city's being robbed during Grail Hunting.
3. Fix the bug that during Grail Hunting, after neutral area is under control of one Faction, players of that Faction couldn't build city.
4. Fix the bug that when heroes are teaming up in Explore, they can still go to somewhere else by using Portal.

1. Adjust the formula of marching time calculation in Explore. Marching time for distance hunting that over 400 will be reduced.
2. Dropping rate of letters and vellums for Finding CASTLOT and Jack Sparrow's Treasure will become dynamic, related to the amount letters and vellums players already got.

Castlot Team


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