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Cross-Server Arena

Cross-Server Arena

The Cross-Server Arena is a way for Knight’s Fable players to battle players from other servers!

1. Conditions:
Character must be at least Lvl.30

2. Gameplay
1).After entering the Cross-Server Arena interface, players may click “Start” to begin match making. Players will enter the Arena once the required number of participants has been found. Each day players may enter the Cross-Server Arena 5 times 10:00-14:00 and 18:00-24:00 server time.
2).Once in the Arena players may enter Mines, transport Ore, and kill enemy players. After successfully transporting Ore players can collect a set amount of Arena Resources.
3).Players will be divided into two teams. After the battle has started players need to go to the enemy’s Mines and transport Ore back to base to earn Resources.
4).Once a team’s Resources have reached a certain amount, or the battle timer has expired, the battle will end.

3. Points
1).Points are calculated on an individual basis. They record the performance of players during a specific Arena match.
2).Each time a player transports Ore, kills an enemy, or assists in the killing of an enemy; the player will receive a set amount of Points.
3).The Points gained in the Arena influence the amount of individual points and glory individual players will earn. Once the battle is over the total Points acquired will be used as the basis for determining individual points and glory earned.
4).Individual Points: Individual Points are used to match players with others of similar skill level. All players start with 1200 points.

4. Match Making
1).The match making system aims to match players with similar level and skill. You will be notified once the system has found enough players. Players will then begin the match.
2).There is a set time for match making. If the required number of players cannot be found within the time limit then the match making will automatically restart.

5. Decision Making
Resources are used a measure of victory.  The team with the most resources by the end of the battle will win. Alternatively, a team may collect the required amount of resources to win the battle instantly before the timer expires. If the timer expires but both teams have the same amount of Resources the battle will be deemed as a draw.

6. Rewards
1. Glory: Glory will be given in accordance with the amount of points earned by the player during the match. These points will be calculated after the battle has ended. Players can collect Glory rewards 5 times each day. Players can spend their Glory in the Glory Shop to purchase INT Potions, Hero Skill Tomes, and other great items.
2. New Beast "Beast” and new hero "Sigurd" are also rewards of the Cross-Server Arena!
New Hero: Sigurd will be found in Cross-Server Tournament
Sigurd is a noble warrior who has sworn to protect the human race from the forces of hell. His massive sword is used both as an offensive and defensive weapon, and is capable to breaking boulders in two. His signature skill “Phoenix Ore” allows him to revive after dying once in each battle!  
New beast: Siren found in Cross-Server Tournament
Siren is a fierce beast from the sea with a mystical beauty that often leads unwary sailors to their doom. Don’t let her good looks fool you, as she will shred apart any enemy that she deems unworthy of living! Her unique skill “Polar Ice” sends out an icy blast that deals 1800 damage to all enemies.

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