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[Announcement] Pantheon Legend servers will be closed permanently

[Announcement] Pantheon Legend servers will be closed permanently

Dear Pantheon Legend players,

We are sorry to inform you that all the servers of Pantheon Legend will be shut down on July 21th. We will no longer provide the operation and update support about Pantheon Legend in the future because of the contract problem. Thanks for the favor all this time. Hope you can understand.

Here we are recommending our players to go to the new servers of Inferno Legend, which also belong to our company.
Inferno Legend is a downloadable MMORPG with a completely anti-traditional storyline--you play a character that is officially a "devil". Living in the underground world, the player learns various and very interesting abilities (devil abilities are always more fun) and fight those humans of so-called justice.
Official website:

If you are willing to move to Inferno Legend, we have made the transfer scheme for all Pantheon Legend players:
If you ever recharge in Pantheon Legend, we will return you 50% accumulative recharge diamonds in Inferno Legend. You will receive the diamonds at least equal to 10 dollars.
If you are playing Pantheon Legend without paying, we have also prepared a gift for you. We will present you diamonds equal to 5 dollars in Inferno Legend.

Application method:
Please use the same account of Pantheon Legend to create character of Inferno Legend. It will be used to verify your identity.
After creating the character in Inferno Legend, please sent an email to with follow information:
Title: Transfer from Pantheon Legend
ID & Character name & server in Pantheon Legend
Character name & server in Inferno Legend
Total recharge amount

We will send you the transfer compensation in three working days.

Best regards,
Gamebox PL Team


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