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Find the possible bugs and try to be the most brilliant developers and testers

Posting on behalf of BigDaddy in S12

Because he is having trouble registering and then logging into forum i have posted this on his behalf. Current bug is he won day 2 of server high warlord reward and collected it but never received the item. here is screen DAY 2 Server Opening Event rewards
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Faction Wars. Exploits and Bugs.

These things aren't easy to screenshot, as you have to be moving and in an event.  But I found a way to basically kite the marshal around while running into the spawn area and repeatedly killing them.  With that being said, in trying so on both sides, I have found that the Freedom Fighter marshal has a much smaller aggro range than the top one.  The top one's aggro range is small enough, that using an instant revive in the back corner of the spawn location lets you stay out of range and lets you spawn camp with AoE.

So the bugs/exploits here are basically:

Bottom Marshal has bigger aggro radius than Top Marshal, and Top Marshal needs to match.  And Both marshals need to guard entire spawn. (Corners don't aggro marshal).
Marshals can be kited while everyone is killed in spawn.  Should make the marshal have AoE or ranged attack and be stationary to guard instead.


Some balancing on stat values you guys are aware of.  Both item mods and stats are pretty unbalanced, and seems to favor swordsman right now heavily.


Something needs to be done about latency and chasing players in PvP.  Currently you can draw out any PvP event to a draw simply by running circles.  Either the combat system needs optimized, or some networking prediction needs implemented.

Smacksh - S13
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Daylight savings times not working

Daily play dungeons not working, think it might have something to do with the times being out of sync due to daylight savings.

Also The siege for clans doesn't appear to be updating, the other day we won the clan siege, then it happened again (guessing we had to defend) and no one even turned up but our clan, but we didn't getting the City or titles? S6 Fairyland - Burgess-Hand
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overlord seige.jpg


fraction bug report

cant use auto potting when fighting some players cant even move or have any skill be usable nor move its hard to fight when we get some really bad lags. when in reg. maps some players in S1 Odin can use any skills or short cut therefore we die PLS look into this. an curious why only few ppl can see diablo while majority cant see the last boss. most of us in S1 Odin keeps getting dcd out that we lose some sublines quests. PLS FIX THIS NASTY BUGS AN MASSIVE DCDS THANKS.



i posted pic of this nasty bug on fb page of warflare.....after i buffed an alc member that happens an during that time i couldnt chat nor attack or move


The necklace and ring bug - Whenever you equip the rings or ring your character screen gets frozen you can not quit it by pressing c or tapping the X button. Please look into this cause i need to restart everytime i check my stats.

S15- Kurito


Another bug, when you unequip your necklace and ring they do not appear back in inventory. When i relogged they were back there.

Other then that, The name of the archer ring is not noted in the treasre house namely 2366 ( prolly the item name )


name xBRITISHx
server 16 titans

heres a bug wen you do the team demonbane prison   only 1 person gets the points for the quests for in there  ive done it 6 times so far  and i aint completed  any of the resues becuz either sum1 gets the kill (ifit works like that if so need to do it solo wich you cant)  or theres a bug either way it aint fair on the other 4 ppl in the demonbane if you cant finnish the quests   exsample we killed the middle 1  the the 4 outta 1's  so in the quest  allof us  should of got 1/10 for that quest but only 1 of us did  all the others are on zero


Name: [14]Someone
Server 14 Demeter
To be honest I do not care about this event..all I care is to get this bug fixed or to get an answer about..maybe it s just the description , no idea but I don t want to risk maxing the buff and to get a less HP effect than the lvl 19


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Bugged Light.PNG



I can not synthesis


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I can not synthesis



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