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[Guide] Hero Recruitment

[Guide] Hero Recruitment


The method by which players gather allies to aid them in battle. Classified into 4 categories that excel in their own respective rights. There are tons of heroes who are willing to fight by your side and these are some who have stood up to do so against the minions of Hell.

Heroes who excel at delivering devastating Physical Damage.


Mages who excel with arcane arts to deal devastating Magical Damage.


Loved by the gods, they have been blessed with more Health than any other being.;


Heroes whose Defense can withstand even the deadliest blows whether physical or magical.

Heroes who join you in quests are ranked according to their quality. From the Common Heroes whose power equal those of a common man;to those who have stood out to be called Legendary Heroes with powers that rival those of the minions of hell.
(The following images are taken from the Website. Credits to them.)


The best at 1v1 and dishing out Physical Damage that can even 1-Hit KO a tank given the proper setup.;


The best at dealing AoE damage that can make multiple enemies drop dead all at the same time.


The best at reducing damage from both Physical and Magical attacks, also has Life Steal.


The best at party support, able to heal wounds sustained by the party.


The recommended party team up for both classes are IRON and DIVINE. The reasoning for this is because both are damage dealers, they dish out huge damages in exchange for low sustainability. IRON and DIVINE are tank type heroes which will make up for both classes lack of survivability and defense.


The recommended party team up for both classes are BLOOD AND SPIRIT. The reasoning for this is because both lack the capacity to deal enough damage on their own to take down an opponent efficiently. BLOOD and SPIRIT are damage type heroes which will make up for both classes lack of damage output.
While the previous are what is recommended, one can opt to not follow it and instead, build their own set of teams. Here are some examples of teams that do not use the recommended party setup. The names aren't official so feel free to call them whatever you like. If there are other setups feel free to add. These are the only ones I've gotten to fight and/or thought up.


This setup is for Fighters and Magi. Adding to their innate ability to deal massive damage, these setup requires the recruitment of two other damage dealer heroes. The plan is to hit HARD and FAST then get out.


The setup is for Knights and Spiritus. Adding to their high survival rate, the setup requires the recruitment of two other tank type heroes. The plan is to WEAR and TEAR the enemy down since both classes have some form of healing.

Hero Recruitment generally requires silver and luck. Yes, pray to the goddess of fortune. Talking to the Barmaid allows you to recruit heroes via Card Selection. There are 5 Cards in total that you will be presented with when you click Recruit. There is an interval of 2 hours for the next free draw.
Click on Draw to start the drawing of hero cards or Refresh to get another set of hero cards as well as refresh the timer to the next free draw. The quality of heroes that appear on the cards are random.
If you see a hero you like, click on Draw to get a chance to draw that hero, this is the part where lady luck must be smiling on you. Oh, and if you are VIP3, you get 2 Draws, VIP5 gets 3 Draws. When you pick a card, all the cards will flip over to reveal what you have chosen and what you have not. You're chosen card will contain the word "Recruit" minus the darkening in the following photo.
Refreshing isn't a complete waste of money. You also receive Reputation points for each Flawless and Legendary hero card that you manage to get to appear. 2 points for Flawless, 4 points for Legendary. Click on exchange to view a number of heroes you can recruit by spending those Reputation points instead of Silver.

The heroes in exchange require different amounts of Reputation and contain only Flawless and Legendary Heroes.

You can also trade the reputations in for Wisdom if you ever feel you need more.

The List
You can view the Legendary Heroes by clicking on the Hero List at the top right of the Recruit Heroes window.
All the Legendary Heroes available in-game are listed here. Browse them to look for that hero you would love to have.

The requirements to unlock the heroes for recruitment are under the Conditions.

That's that. Everything you need to know about recruiting heroes. Final tip, plan ahead which heroes you want to acquire. In the event you cannot acquire them, have a hero in-mind that would serve as a substitute for him/her until you are able to recruit him/her.

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