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[Announcement] New QQi Group Opens for Better Player Communication in WF

[Announcement] New QQi Group Opens for Better Player Communication in WF

We’ve heard from many of our players that they’re seeking a better way to ask questions about the game, contact GMs, share information within Guilds and get to know their fellow players. With this in mind, Warflare Games has started an official warflare chat group on QQ International and is encouraging all interested players to join! Additionally, we recommend individual players to form their own private chat groups based on language,Guild, or any other criteria to suit them.

Warflare QQ Group Number: 362048774

Why QQ International?
First of all, we wanted to provide an option that would increase the speed and efficiency of communication between everyone in warflare. As the current options of in-game messages, chatting and forums are useful only up to a point, a dedicated chat program with group functionality became the best way to go.

After doing a survey of all of the major communication tools available, such as Facebook, MSN messenger, Skype and the like, it soon became clear QQ International was the leader among the bunch in terms of enjoyment, usefulness and ease of use when it comes to personal and group communication.

This is what one reporter had to say about QQi in the article “QQ – The BestInstant Messenger You’ve Never Heard Of”:

“For you gamers out there, QQ also does very well at recognizing full-screen games and doesn’t get in your way while you’re in game play. If you have a team or just a group of friends looking for something different and better, use QQ.You’ll really like it – especially considering you can send screen shots on-the-fly, connect up a webcam easily, start a group for your gaming team on the QQ service (its integrated right into the client), and so on.”

QQ International Features
QQi Groups

* Among all the major chat programs, QQi is the only one that allows its users to create an ongoing and dedicated chat group for its members. Join once and the group chat will always be there ready and waiting for you. With an official warflare group, it will be much easier to have group discussion with the GMs and other players in real-time to discuss game questions, bugs or suggestions.
* Need to send important and private Guild announcements or maintain an ongoing conversation with Guild members from different time zones? No problem! Form your own QQi group and use the group announcement function and limited saved chat history to send a message once for all group members to receive. Start agroup discussion on any topic in real time and the discussion will still be visible and accessible for the entire group to continue many hours later.
* Want the freedom to discuss your own topics of interest in any language you choose? Form a private group, advertise it on the forum and have the freedom to chat however you want!

Easy Access to Help and Sharing
* Whether you’re having trouble explaining yourself, can’t find an important game option, or want to share a particularly satisfying victory, screenshots always come in handy. What? You don’t know how to take, save and send ascreenshot or just feel too lazy to do it? Taking and sharing screenshots in QQi is not only quick and painless but fun, too!
* Still need more help? With the Remote Access function,it’s possible to instantly share a view of your monitor display or even grant afriend remote access to your computer as needed. Of course, this option isavailable only if a player chooses to grant such permission and may be cancelled at any time by either party.

Designed With an International Audience in Mind
QQi is an international chat program designed to support communication with users from across the world and has an interface choice of English, French orJapanese.

Wait, There’s More!
QQi has a long list of useful communication tools and this is just a brief summary of the main ways QQi can enhance your warflare gaming experience.

* To join the warflare group and start chatting with the GM sand your fellow players today, search for <362048774> inside QQi in “Search Contacts” > "Groups" and click “Join”.
* For a handy guide on how to download, install and use QQi in a matter ofminutes, see our handy guide here.

* For more information on features and QQi help, see the official QQi Help here.

* To download QQi now, visit the QQi Download Page.

Note: If you cannot download the QQi client successfully due to some unknown reasons, please try the following link:

* QQ – The Best Instant Messenger You’ve Never Heard Of ... uve-never-heard-of/

Our goal at Gamebox is to make your gaming experience as positive aspossible every day by increasing the communication, information and socialaspects of our games. QQi is free to download and use and is free of annoying ads and pop ups. Gamebox has no relationship with QQi.


How to Add the group?

Here's how.

1st. Log in to QQ Int, if you dont have an account you can register here:

2nd. Bottom Page of QQ int Menu look for FIND FRIENDS.

3rd. A new window will pop up and look for JOIN A GROUP

4th. On the Page Type in 362048774  And Hit Search. And just hit Join,




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