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Newbie Guide to Guild Showdown: Part I - Building a Balanced 4v4 Deck

Newbie Guide to Guild Showdown: Part I - Building a Balanced 4v4 Deck

This is part of a series of 4v4 guides I’m writing to promote 4v4 in the new servers. As they grow, I’ll write more guides covering more advanced and specific tactics for 4v4 and Showdown fights. Let me know what you think, and chime in with your own recommendations. fancy gamefuse version with pictures: click here
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So you’ve put in the hard work to get your guild into a guild showdown, now comes the task of putting together a team with the right decks to dominate the 4v4 arena. If this is your first guild showdown, you may not have had many chances to try 4v4, and there are many strategic differences in deck building and summoning. In this first installment of my 4v4 guide, I’ll lay out some basic 4v4 strategies, and explain how to build your first deck: a balanced setup that performs well against many types of strategies.

Key Tips for Guild Showdown:

Managing Donations:
Encourage Your Guild to donate wisely. Remember that weekly donation at midnight on friday determines which guilds go to showdown, and weekly CP resets on Tuesday. So the most important time to donate is from Tuesday – Friday. If there is weekly Maintenance, there is an extra chance to donate on wednesday when the servers come back online. 4v4, Dragon Duel, and Guild Wars events are also good ways to get CP. Remember it’s the top 10 Cross Server teams that get a spot, not top 10 local. Also remember if you do well in the showdown, your whole guild can earn rewards, but they need to have at least 700 CP for the week (if someone has under 700 but plays on a team that wins, they will still get the individual rewards).

Getting to the Arena with a Full Team:
Sometimes this is the most difficult step! Recruit your team ahead of time, but make sure to check on match night to see who is online, so there are no absentees. Pick a team who can stay for the whole showdown, which can last a few hours. Once the competition room opens, your team must enter it through the daily events button under Sunday Events (make sure everyone knows how to enter the room!). If the match countdown ends and the room isn’t full, you may find yourselves in a 4 v 3, so be extra careful and check in with your team often. In between rounds watch the other matches CAREFULLY! Even though it may say 20 minutes on your counter, if the last match of the round finished, the counter will immediately go to 3 minutes. If there aren’t that many teams in showdown, be prepared to skip to the 2nd/3rd round quite quickly, don’t assume you have time to leave and come back.

Hero Placement:
When a hero is killed, the damage to their lane goes to the lane above. This means that the top slot in your team is the least protected if some of your members are killed. The bottom slot, on the other hand, cannot take damage from other lanes until all other heros are killed, so it is most protected. Think carefully about which of your members needs most protection / can afford to be in the least protected top slot.
Pick a Target: communicate with your team and decide who your targets are. Do you want to take out the strongest player first? or try to eliminate the weakest one. Be mindful of which hero the damage will go next after your target is killed (eliminating middle lanes can help take out the top lane hero faster).
Time Limit: be especially mindful of how long your turns are taking. The team with the most total HP at the end of the time limit will win, so keep track of who has the HP advantage. If you notice the other team is taking long turns, they may be stalling for the win, so you’ll need to either damage them to reclaim advantage, or rush your turns and win before the time runs out.

Choose your Classes:
Try to have different classes on a team. Rangers are good at removal, making sure cards don’t reach your heroes. Mages are a huge help in 4v4 since they can disable the enemies game changer cards. Priests can support, inspiring high countdown cards, sancing units, and dispelling debuffs and petrifies. Warriors can buff your attackers to gain quick HP advantage or kill a hero early, and are especially useful in rush builds.

Communicating With Your Team:
4v4 matches can be full of spam from spectators, so you may want to reserve your guild chat to post your cards to each other (shift click), instead of using allies chat. If you have microphones, voice chat can be very helpful (try ventrillo, teamspeak, Raidcall, Skype, or Tinychat). You can even use the Mythos Raid Call group to talk to each other (ask an admin to make you a private guild room in the guild hall)

Don’t Waste Cards Too Early:
4v4 matches are long! you will need to conserve cards, especially your skills. Don’t play a card without a reason. Also don’t let cards pile up in the back lanes that cannot do anything, it’s better to save them so you can play in the best lane, and avoid having your whole field of units killed by armageddon. Cards are always safest in your hand (but do be careful of swift death!).

Bring More Skills!
In 4v4, you are going to need more skills than in 1v or 2v. In fact its possible to pack up to 15 skills in your 4v4 deck depending on your class, strategy and team. So try adding another copy of your tried and true skills, and check the guide below for some skills that are especially useful in 4v4, which you might not normally use
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Building a Balanced 4v4 Deck:

There are several effective 4v4 strategies: different types of rush, anti rush, condensed power. Eventually it becomes somewhat of a rock paper scissors with your opponent. However, in a brand new server, a powerful balanced deck will serve you well for quite some time. When building a balanced 4v4 deck, you want to pay attention to several ‘functional classes’ of cards, and make sure you have some of each, distributed among your team mates according to their strengths. Below I will summarize some of these functional types and give some basic examples anyone might have in their collection, as well as some more rare, powerful cards.

4v4 Area-of-Effect All Stars
You might not think of all these cards as powerful until you see what they can do on a crowded 4v4 field, where they really shine. Because they affect multiple units, their power is often magnified in a showdown fight. Some cards like Warcry or Dispel affect a 3×3 grid, which can make them unlikely winners in 4v. Other cards like Lionroar, Alex, or Set can buff or debuff the whole field, or even clear it entirely (armageddon). Finally some units attack multiple lanes; Elke can hit up to 8 units (or 3 heroes..) at once, and Cleave can allow any card to damage 3 heroes at once from a middle lane.
Basic Tier:
Eacann, Wind Dancer Elke, ARK Edge, Chief Hrafn, Poison Swamp, Blizzard, Dispel, Warcry, Mass Life, Rupture, Lightning Tempest, Forgetfullness, Dante Quicksong, Righteous Judgement, Thor
Advanced Tier:
Chieftain Lionroar, Freyja, Ryli the White Witch, Princess Sarya, Ferena Drake, Set, Repulse, Last Stand, Judge Aleksandra, Armageddon

Tanks eat damage for breakfast! Throw these cards out before your more vulnerable units. Their damage reduction abilities ensure they will last long enough to let your weaker units do their work.
Basic Tier: Captain, Zombie Captain, Dread Phantom, Prince Serka, Blessed Dragonkin, Armored Lizard, Aegis Lizard, Sawtooth Lizard, Elven Rebel, Mountain Troll, Zeeva, Onslaught Knight, Stormy Dragonkin, King Asterion, Pallas Athena
Advanced Tier: Desperate Soul, Boss Ragnar, Smasha Rulk, Kaelthius, Tesalos, Valkastraz, Tharymaskus, Storm Lizard King

Forward Attackers
These are your finishing cards, they are meant to get right on heroes and build attack until the job is done. Make sure to time them right so you can take advantage of gaps and times when your opponents are low on cards to defend. Wings are great on these.
Basic Tier: Dread Knight, Dread Champ, Virtuous Champ, Tengu Shadow Warrior, Champ Knight, Sylvi Bladesoul, Fenris the Butcher, Werewolf Howler, Werewolf Fleshripper
Advanced Tier: Mifzuna the Wind, Maia Shadowblade, Odin, Taurus, Sensei Callista,

These cards are the powerhouses that can change the outcome of a match. Although quite rare, you don’t need them to win, but you do need to be prepared for them and try to predict when your opponent is planning to unleash them. Have a petrify or direct damage ready for these, and use sanctuary and velyn to avoid armageddon.
Basic Tier: Armageddon, Righteous Judgement, Freyja, Lionroar, Alexandra
Advanced Tier: Winged Emperor, Ferena, Undead King Bael, Emperor Augustus, Danika Flameheart,

Hero Damage
You know those times when you have someone down to 10 hp, but run out of steam and they close off the lane? Hero damage cards are there to finish the job when you can’t get in to hit a weak opponent. They are invaluable in 4v4; don’t always hit with these early; save them until the late game when you know who is best to use them on and can take advantage of the element of surprise.
Basic Tier: Tanwen Wildfire, Elven Fire Archmage, Elven Thunder Archmage, Cloaked Shot
Advanced Tier: Ryli the White Witch, Volante Voidstep, Zeus, Goddes of the Zodiac, Gemini

This versatile class of card is usually overlooked; they are not the strongest defenders or attackers, but they are good at winning the fight with surrounding units in the middle of the field and opening lanes so you can attack.
Basic Tier: Centaur Guerrilla Leader, Ofeigur the Undying, Pontiff Faol, Velyn the Unscarred, Flame Dragonkin, Shadow Dragonkin, Achilles, Wind Dancer Elke, Eacann the Charger, Angelic Flame
Advanced Tier: Juliet, Magic Fist Simon, Gringheist, Gork, Kaelthius, Tesalos, Khnum, Isis

Fullbacks / Ranged
These units bring up the rear of the field and can provide the momentum you need to overpower your opponent. Since they are protected they take buffs very well; try a decay on yumi or heroic on abbess. make sure to pack some dispel / sacred touch if they get petrified.
Basic Tier: Battle Abbess, Battle Priestess, Priestess, Oracle Priestess Ei, Elven Longbow Archer, ARK sniper
Advanced Tier: King Velassar, Chief Warden Ariella, Yumi Swiftshot, Cain The Traitor,

Hero Defense / Vigilance
This is your last line of defense, and very important in anti rush. Spears are especially important given all the heavy cavalry forward attack units that often kill heroes in showdown. Save these cards until you need them, don’t waste them.
Basic Tier: Heavy Repeating Crossbow, Elven Legionnaire, Elven Guard, Elven Praetorian, Tengu Assaulter, Tengu Bloodseeker, Trojan Hoplite
Advanced Tier: Sorann the Unforgiving, Sky Reaver Vara

Anti Armor:
If you forget to add some anti armor cards, you could find yourself in a very tough situation. Holy Damage is very important in a deck, and quick draw sunder units that can take out a Desperate Soul or Rulk can save a match for you.
Basic Tier: Priestess, Zeeva, Werewolf Deathclaw, King’s Emissary Alice, Flame Dragonkin, ARK Thumper
Advanced Tier: Emrys the Unyielding

Heal, Support, and Card Draw Effects
To round out your deck, it’s good to have support cards that can keep your units alive and increase your rate of summons and card advantage when you need to pressure your opponent. Healers and drums can hang out safely in the back of a fight and have a lot of impact over time. Hero healers are particularly important in a timed 4v4 when it comes to regaining HP advantage. If your opponent is running the clock out, and you can play a late caitlin or savior that gives your team more hp, their stall technique could backfire! These are all cards that your opponent will have to deal with swiftly before they tip the scales too much in your favor, keep them protected and use them at the right time.
Basic Tier: Wolfclan Battle Drum, Battle Drum, High Priestess, Priest, Angelic Savior, High Lady Kuri, ARK priestess, Dante Quicksong, Aphrodena, Meditation, Purge, Inspire, Dispel, Swift Death
Advanced Tier:
Call of Power, Judge Alexandra, Khnum, Conjure Troops, Judge Caitlin, Judge Lenaya, Archangel Gabriel, war totem.
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ok . but mif mia mc enc sr db can do a lot faster
it's dark


well new servers wont have a spike buld ready yet. And in my upcoming guides I'll explain how to do it, and also how to block it >  


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