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[Weekly Maintenance on Aug.5th,2014]

[Weekly Maintenance on Aug.5th,2014]

CR 20140805 Version Update
0 ^; h6 P: \- a0 h" T  c# F! K+ o
5 _5 v3 f" n" pDear players,
+ @% j, i7 z' TTo bring a better game experience for you. The devs will perform a maintenance to all servers tomorrow. The servers will be performed around 01:00 on Aug.5th, PDT. It is expected to last for 1 hour. ( ]) z+ ^6 \% z% f
; f, u# i; N' S2 U
But the real time taken will depend on the progress needs. Sorry for any inconvenience it will cause to you. / u* y5 J+ Y" j( N$ n
Please refer to the details as below:
$ Q5 B  M3 y, r7 J$ H
: J5 v+ L# I( r# O9 p$ }7 y) xNew Function:
1 h: r; q4 I8 y* C/ V1. Leo equipment will be introduced to the combine system.
& |' o6 D3 D# c2. New System(Hero Combine) is coming 5 T# ^; V4 }& K* ?+ |+ V2 `
Hero “Hyper.Thor” can be combined by using Hero “Thor”+10* Holy Power
& s, G, a. _  |9 j; d, UHero “Hyper. Skuld” can be combined by using Hero “Skuld”+10* Holy Power ! l! }& l/ l2 W+ t
3. The material “Holy Power” will be introduced to the ancient treasure $ K; u% k* L7 [4 p4 P$ b1 X# A2 t
4. New heroes will be added to Hero Graphic: Hyper.Thor and Hyper. Skuld ' U$ B, u/ a1 }, _
5. New event
  ^: Y4 B6 `+ X6 O- d
7 M- u8 T5 l, Q: P9 l& sOptimization: 1 i$ G1 {2 A0 e
Reducing the boss difficulty in Honor&Glory Event.   r+ w' b7 ]" C0 s, v6 l; H( |

' ?6 |1 `$ s; g8 i! k+ T7 Z" tBUG:
2 p4 M: V" M, d: C3 l% r! uFixing the hero Kvasir skill bug
: }# e6 l* e1 ~3 \- WKvasir skill effect: inflict 240% damage on all enemy units, while some damage will turn into healing for all your units.
0 Z7 Q) ?2 }* f; }Total Healing HP = Total damage to all enemy units * Kvasir’s lost HP percentage
' p, t* U! |  e5 o+ n- N % b" v% o) }* t0 [$ S7 }' H, h
Gamebox CR Team


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