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Deadly Blow is too overpowered

when i said highest level of PvP I didn't mean
the most paying level of PvP pls get this point clear stupid kid


yeah i have experience in game that your lacking maybe in 6 months when you gain experience you will see deadly blow no big deal but right now you lost your match and to blind to see outside your one sided perspective

it only kills 3cd and under which makes it fair and i doubt you know anything of the new skill coming for ranger talk about op
[ This post finally by Dane1 on 2014-08-08  06:06 edit ]


3cd? 4cd u mean
and i dont care about the upcoming ranger spell im talkking about the CURRENT META U STUPID SHIT NOOB

-_- anyway im done with u u meke 0 sense. have fun thinking your pro player or top player or whatever in your server when you spent more than 99% of the players i bet. inferiority complex solution - pay in virtual reality to win where reality winners dont even care enough to pay 1 cent in this cyber world rofl


why you on this game when you belittle it and dont support it and whine you make assumption that i think im the best because pay get a clue buddy at least i support game you just assume a lot and belittle others with the assumptions i try to explain to you that the skill is not as op as your describing if your as smart as you claim find a way around the skill

you know nothing of my life stop assuming and judging

heres the description of new ranger skill give you something in future to cry about a 2 cd auto kill of any CD unit

Time to Die. 2CD. 8% Mastery. Single target debuff skill. The afflicted enemy unit dies after finishing its action. Godlike gets 16% mastery.

GM please delete this thread just corrupting forum with nonsense
[ This post finally by Dane1 on 2014-08-09  08:36 edit ]


Lmao. Deadly blow is pretty useless skill. It had use on beginning of server where people didn't have good nimbles, mage stall, warrior spikes. True shot is much better. Try going full hand of dbs against warrior spike. Too slow and it reduces already reduced life by mif crit. Probably will recive 1-2 more hits from that mif until db is ready. Good rangers use 1db in rush, max 2 in control. With so many mage stall, playing 5cd+ and nimbles too, or warrior spikes, particularly in 2s, I wouldnt advise more than 2, recommended 1. Get 1-2 true shots, for quick removal of mif, howler, etc. Much better skill in current meta where over 50% is common mif-howler rush. One db for fenris could use. But fenris is slower than mif and howler, so you could as well block him with creatures.

All in all, what is really broken, is sanc. But since priest doesn't have much else, it could pass somehow.

Theres at least 7-8 more powerful skill, particular in current meta, than db. Now I don't know what server you play, could be a new one, so there db could look powerful, but isn't. Ranger rush has one weak spot - warrior rush. Ranger rush is much better, but lose more from warrior rush than win, because of slow db mostly. Though, warrior lose to everything else (can't clean lines), but beat ranger because it's faster. So, if you face warrior rush, and playing 3dbs, it's auto lose. Even 2. With 1 somehow could pass.


I agree with Kele

When I first played the game (I play priest, but rush), I also think that db is so powerful and need to delete because it kill my sanc creatures very easily, and I have reported to gm as well. That is sth funny when I try every class. I realize that each class is against each other and db somehow is the strong skill of ranger, petry for mage, sanc for priest, and enc mc for warr. Just think of the situation that ranger without db, no one wanna play it anymore, just like priest without sanc.

Kele is right, if you want to vs ranger easily, should go on warrior or mage. My advice for you is try other class and you will see db is normal, and somehow it can kill yourself if ranger play long battle, your hp will be eaten by db and finally lesser than opponent. Certainly, I just give comment on skill cards. Not always warrior can win ranger, and ranger always win priest. It also depend on how you build the deck to cover weak points of each class.

I do not agree with the sentence "ranger is noob". Ranger is just easy to play, but it also need some art to reach superior like other class. But if you like priest, just try to think of a deck that can vs ranger; it is also an art to play priest. Hope you enjoy the game.


it pains me to admit but i have to agree with sage/kele *_* im priest and built deck that now blocks db and i use to think it was broken but i found a way around it, i mean its still annoying when i HAVE to sanc a 4cd or less monster and it gets db the turn after but i pretty much past that hurdle.


Guys stop telling everyone that you are a mediocre player who paid too much or played too much in a payed too much dead server or that you are a ranger hiding his identity who is butthurt about this truthful post. You don't just use 5cd+ so stop arguing with that shit. You can't just use nimble so stop arguing with that shit. You WILL have at least a Zeeva, Yumi, Fenris etc in your little balanced deck if it is properly made.


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DeadlyBlow = Stupid Noob-Friendly Spell

The End of The Thread.


^^ imo ranger is the most imbalanced class in pvp and 2v2 that makes you hallucinate that yourself is great player ^^ db is really op, unless mage has 50 level reputation and godlike scorch and pets, ranger will be superior. just the class is broken ^^ nothing really virtuous


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