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Deadly Blow is too overpowered

yes Deadly blow good vs fenris and rulk other than that its not that good i play power mage and ranger and i do much better as mage then ranger deadly blow is useless in many situations this thread is a joke bottom line anyone who plays ranger will realize its not so great although alot of strategy can make rangers very deadly the skill deadly blow isnt some end all over powered ability at all try using bigger cd or rush and deadly blow not effective vs either of these


nah ranger is op in pvp 2v2 and gs becuz of db, just take this card away
and you will see what i mean.

but not so op in post tourney cuz we can preppare decks accordingly   


that said, really good mage can kill ranger anytime. but he has to be really good.
fDane1 ur underestimating the power of ranger db cuz u are exceptionalyl good mage. but if you look at the whole picture, db is really ridongculus.


Im probably gonna get roasted by all of you for disagreeing with what appears to be the majority opinion,and the opinion of which i have been hearing ppl complain about on my own server recently.  Which is that some of the Ranger kill cards are to OP.  TO that I say BS.   I see not a thing wrong with DB or true shot or dis.  

Priests- have Sanc that gets overly abused and if you cant DB or Dis the sanc'd creature your usually dead or screwed by the time the Sanc wares off naturally.   

Warriors- I keep running across more and more Big coiners that are primarily Rushers that do nothing but drop Miz's and buff the hell out of her.   What are we supposed to do when we are getting nailed for like 20 points one turn and then 10 points a turn after that?  you only have so many true shots or dis .  and dis cd isn't great.  odds are you couldn't get and keep anything out fast enough to block both lanes to prevent the quick strike ability of Miz.  If you ask me this is the single cheapest strategy being used in game right now and they should look at Nerfing Miz because of it or possible limiting the amount of playable skill cards per turn.  If a high ass 3 turn kill rate isnt freaking OP the Idk what is.

Mage-Imo have plenty of nukes and the ever so annoying petrify skill.

If ppl would just take a step back,and look how the game is currently set up.  They would realize that each hero has its own set of skill cards that rival,or counteract the other hero's skill cards.   Thats how CCG's ,and TCG's work ppl.   So I don't see how in the hell you can conclude that the DB is OP.  IMO the 4 cd target limit keeps it nice and balanced.  

With all that being said what I think is unbalanced is the PVP shop.   Maybe they are just not my style of play,but again IMO the pvp shop Ranger skill cards are crap compaired to ALL the others you can get for the other hero types.   Why is it I can buy the overly used Sanc in there,but not DB?  TS is not an equal valued card to sanc nor are the other Ranger skill cards available to ANY skill cards offered.    What I don't get is why they don't rotate the skill cards available in the pvp shop weekly or so?


sry Buran but u sound like below top 10

what you said is pretty cool, but you have no credibility

ranger is op. if you are top 10 player you would know this. if you don't then change to any other class and feel the helplessness ^^
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and what you said about priest sanc is op
warrior rush is op just hahahahaha...maybe a new server.. sure..
how long have you played this game? in which server?
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why DeadlyBlow is overpowered goes like this...

-There is a match between a ranger and ...say a priest in the PvP arena
they both run 30 card decks
-Priest summons Onlsaught Knight Lawrence
-Ranger summons Onslaught Knight Lawrence
-Priest uses smite but gets blocked (or lets say not blocked ^^)
-Ranger uses deadlyblow, 100% guaranteed kill, and the skill returns
-Priest summons fenris in the other lane to keep pressure in the game
-Ranger blocks the lane with his own Fenris
-Priest Sancs Fenris
-Ranger deadlyblows Fenris (2cards for 1) and the skill returns
-Ranger pushes the field
-Priest uses inspire and summons zeus
-Ranger uses trueshot
-Priest sancs zeus (4+cd card, like you say)
-Ranger ignores him (because zeus is blocking only 1 lane), or disinfos him or uses disturbance

And you still say DB is not op ^^? The 4cd limitation on the deadlyblow card?
Who cares? it still completely wrecks the balance in a single match.
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and whats more ^^ is that, if ranger uses a RUSH DECK
with deadlyblow...then ^^? 4cd limitation? by the time I summon my Augustus
I would have been RUSH-ed ^^.


Ranger has DB
Priests has Sanct
Warriors has crazy buffs for mif and deamons
Mage has Pet, DF

So what remove all skill Cards from game?
Most who complain about DB is rushers, heres an idea try something else, or learn how to play DB can be beaten by any class.


@ Mikes

I don't know why a rusher would complain about db...all they care about mif maia crit anyway. even if these creatures are dbed- they will resummon them anyway. those who think that db is overpowered should be anyone who plays 30 card deck without many of the whale cards like Augustus, Danika (protection against Swift Death), Emperor Wings, Odin, Zeus, and so on

The ranger is the EASIEST class to do well in PvP.


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