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Character Attribute Calculation and Explanation

Character Attribute Calculation and Explanation

Warflare Online currently has three (3) basic character classes and (NOT AVAILABLE AT THE MOMENT) two (2) advanced class which can be unlocked upon attaining 220 and 250 levels of any basic character class.


STR - Main attribute of Knights,Increases the damage, Needs to upgrade to use equipments.

AGI - Main attribute of Elfs,Slight Increase to damage + Increase to Hit rate and Evasion (Dodge) , Needs to upgrade to use equipments.

STA - 2nd Attribute for all classes, Increases HP and Defense

INT - Main attribute of Mages, Increase Magic Damage, attack Rate of magic spell use.
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During their golden age, the mysterious order of dark knights fought for the protection of the citizens of WarFlare. But those times have long since passed. Due to many wars the order was torn apart. Now the dark knights have become mercenaries to promote their own gain. Some have wandered the land in order to hone their skill to perfection, while others continue to try and bring justice to a time of pain and suffering. But one thing is certain; the dark knights of  WarFlare are sights too see pitched in battle.

The Dark Knights are the embodiment of strength and power. In close combat, they can deliver deadly attacks while taking more damage that would kill any other class. Due to their excellent combat abilities and high number of hit points, Dark Knights can venture out alone without much problem. He can wear different types of armors and can use a wide variety of melee weapons. The skills of the Dark Knight do not eat up as much mana as compared to the skills from other classes. This makes energy a low priority among Dark Knights.

Calculation Formula for Dark Knight


Some men strive for physical perfection. Others would rather bend the laws of nature to benefit their cause. The Dark Wizard can command the elements to smite his foes. He can also call upon the spirits to aid him. Most people are wary of the powers of the Dark Wizard and usually leave them alone. However, others make the mistake of thinking them an easy target due to their weak stature. But do not be deceived! Many warriors have suddenly been engulfed in flames before even reaching a Dark Wizard.

The Dark Wizard has an array of offensive spells that can defeat any man or beast in no time. Although powerful, many of these spells require time to find as well as huge amounts of energy to master and large amounts of mana to cast.

Calculation Formula for Dark Wizard


The elves  are an old and ancient race. They claim that they were the first race on Warflare before the human and goblin. A Norian elf is said to have unearthly beauty and grace. While they may shy away from hand to hand combat, one cannot say that they are weak. The elves were the ones who had taught man the art of the bow. Nobody can beat an elf in an archery contest. The elves have also made pacts with other races. They call upon such pacts to aid them in battle.

Elves are an asset to any party as energy elves or as agility elves. Energy elves have "buffing" spells that can increase defense, offense or heal party members. Agility elves are amazing ranged fighters and their quick attacks and high flee rates make them excellent tankers.

Calculation Formula for Elf


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