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In-game Character Name:[4]Blaise-George
Server: S4,S2 Europa
Forum Nickname: geo151
Your Country: Romania
List any languages that you speak: English,Romanian
When are you usually online: my character is online 24/7 and i am afk only when i am at work and sleep.I think i can satisfy in the time that i am online all players demands,question about game and new updates and to aplay the rules of the world chat.
Related experience & other qualifications:I dont have any related experience,My qualification is Automation Technician.   
Anything else you want to add: Allways been a teamplayer(played rugby 2 years) and i made this aplication because i want to help Warflare and the players from my server.

Best regards George[S4]


In-game Character Name:Someone
Server:S14 Demeter
Forum Nickname:Wyrusake
Your Country:Romania
List any languages that you speak:English and Romanian
When are you usually online: I am online almost every day for around 8-10 hours/day or even more sometimes
Related experience & other qualifications:I have used to play a lot of games , especially mmorpg games.This game system seems easy for me and I am sure that I can bring up ideas that could improve the game-play.
Anything else you want to add:First let s see how this goes..


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