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【Guide】7-Day Investment Event

【Guide】7-Day Investment Event

Do you want more gold? Well, we’ll give it to you. Up to 75% bonus gold starting today! The gold options range from 200g-5000g with a maximum of 3750g additional gold.

The amount of gold you receive each day will steadily increase. To receive the highest amount of gold possible, you must start investing on the 14th; the event will run until August 20th 23:59 server time.

Instructions: When you recharge your gold, you must go to the event, select your gold value and invest your gold, but don’t worry, you can instantly reclaim your gold and start receiving the interest. You do not have to keep investing gold each day, it just has to be done once. You also may only pick one of the gold options. You must to log on each day to get your gold, if you fail to log on and claim it, you’ll lose that day’s interest. An example (not exact) of the 5000 gold interest would be 1st day – 300g 2nd – 400g 3rd – 450g 4th – 550g 5th -600g 6th – 700g 7th – 750g

I hope this helps answer any questions concerning the event and I hope you all enjoy the gold!

Guide by Mrprofessor


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