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Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'

Hi Admins,

I would like to point out a couple of things to your attention. Which i think that would help make the game more fun and enjoying to play with. I hope everyone will respect my post and will not start flaming or trash talking replies as this is just my opinion as a player. CHEERS!!!

1.) Item Drops
- as we all know players have been wanting and looking for good items to put in use so that when they participate in the event they can catch up with those players whose ahead of them.Just a suggestion, why not allow the mobs in Sky City and above maps to drop items with 2 excel options i think more players will be looking forward to reach this level and participate even more if monsters are dropping this kind of items, instead of waiting for hours and chances to enter dungeon resets. I think everyone will be more encourage to play the game. I understand that at some point you are just avoiding players to spam the market selling stupid items which will add more to your database but come to think of it if players will see good items being sold in the market eventually players will stop selling crap in the market.

2.) Boss Drops
- in every game we all know that when you say " BOSS DROPS " it means something really big, now i know for a fact that not every time we hunt a boss we get good/rare items but maybe we can increase the chance of boss's dropping more rare items than crappy ones. Players are exerting effort in terms of donating numerous amount of diamonds, spending time to grind 24/7 to reach a certain level where they can hunt a boss whether solo or on a team expecting they will get good boss item drops. I understand that you don't want to spam rare items again in each and every server coz this might affect the game's thrill if they have everything on their hands but at least change the rate at least 5% up or increase it at your % where u see it fits most.

3.) Upgrading Items
- its true that upgrading items is really hard but on my experience as a player of MU for almost a decade this s much harder than what i experienced.   now i know that we are not trying to copy everything on the original game but at least make something that would make the players really happy to play the game. Not all of us can spend thousands of cash just to make the items upgraded to their satisfaction level but we can actually have at least 1 item that you can sell in the shop wherein for example:

instead of:
Crimson Dragon Legguard +9 -> +10 = Fail -> +0

why not:
Crimson Dragon Legguard+9+Talisman ( % to save the upgrade of your item) -> +10 =  Fail -> Crimson Dragon Legguard+8

Now just in case the % will not be increased, i also suggest to add an item that can be bought in the shop where we can increase our chance to upgrade our items going +11 and up so this will really help us a lot and be more encourage to upgrade our items, players are scared to upgrade their items so they stop upgrading items at level 7 or level 9 but then these kind of upgrades to our gears is totally unfair especially when u reach lvl 250 as after doing our dailies we need to grind and we don't have a choice but to grind in Sky City as this is the only map that gives us better EXP. And u know how hard to beat those mobs in this map.

I am not excluding myself on this one as i would like and dying to have my gears upgrade to the highest. ^_^

4.) EXP
- if lvl 400 is your capped lvl, trust me it is very hard to achieve , can u give us an FYI if after reaching lvl 400 there is no upcoming or good things waiting for players who will reach this lvl thats why its so hard to achieve? I don't believe that it will stop from there. I believe there's something next to LVL.400, so why not increased the normal EXP a little bit more so people are more pumped to compete in rankings instead of sticking on the concept of being a PTP player to level up each day.

5.) Boss HP
- The Boss's life is thicker than the great wall of china ^_^ just suggesting maybe we can decrease it a little bit if you don't want to change the drop rate of the boss.

Again, these are all just an opinion of a player who's concerned to the community. I have nothing against the plans of your team as i know how it takes to run a business but at least make it a win-win situation for both sides. paying cash to play is not wrong as long as what you're paying for is totally worth it. ^_^

Yours Truly and will continue to support the game,
Moi ( Champion )
Server 2 - Europa

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" A Champion shall forever be challenged!!! "


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