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Bul-Kathos Event not giving Bul-Kathos' Phylactery

the fact your on a mobile device playing is the issue I bet.

right now I am having the same issue on the iOS.  i have all of the items, got the item (i assume) when I logged on, but the event is bugged.  When I look at my item inventory all i have is a empty boxes that are outlined in green, and orange,and yellow but no item.  

S1 Inferno, IGN Munchie
[ This post finally by Munchie on 2014-08-21  09:53 edit ]


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Munchie IOS US west - S1 Inferno


Hi Munchie, I don't have your problem. All my items are showing up fine, no invisible selectable items.


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Hi tomvo30.
First of all, I will send the details for this event, you can check it carefully and find whether something you missed.

A. For New Players: Mephisto will give new players a Bul-Kathos's Phylactery in which to keep Bul-Kathos’ soul after they enter the Peak of Arreat, Chapter 4-7. Click the item to summon Bul-Kathos, who will then join your formation. The Phylactery can still be used as a piece of character equipment. Of course, you’ll have to defeat the boss Bul-Kathos in Chapter 4-7 before capturing his soul. Bul-Kathos starts off as a common Dark Servitor, but if you collect every part of the Eternal King set, he will become the powerful legendary Eternal King! Old players can also participate in this event to experience the new storyline and features!
B. For Old Players: If you have passed the Peak of Arreat Chapter 4-7, you will get a Bul-Kathos' Phylactery as a login reward. Then, you need to defeat Bul-Kathos again in Chapter 4-7 to get the Eternal King's Soulcrusher. Defeat Stone Dragon in Chapter 5-1 to get the Eternal King's Forge and defeat the Crazed Foreman to get the Eternal King's Will. After you collect these three parts and pass Chapter 5-5, your common Dark Servitor Bul-Kathos will evolve into a permanent Dark Servitor Vassal!


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Hi there,
Thanks for your contact. Could you describe the issue more clearly? What are their specific name about the items and where did you get them? I will submit your issue to devs for checking, but we need your clearly description. Thanks in advance, regards.


Same Issues


Im having same exact issue. i cant get Bul-Kathos any way, passed 6 on 7 and still nothing. can you please check out whats going on. On android, SERVER S23 - Hydra username La Bella vamp, lvl 61. thank you!


Dear player,
Sorry for the inconvenience. May I know if your problem was solved? If still not, please contact us via our new GM way, it’s called “GM Support”.
For more details, please check here:

This old forum will not be valid any more.
Best regards.


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