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Unlucky Draw

Unlucky Draw

How about you change the odds where we can win something good, instead of spending 3k gold on the crap in flash sale for 30 chances to get crap from unlucky draw?
then if we spend the 3k gold you will give us 300 gold and 20 instance chances!! whoooowe! wtf are the instance chances for? you have no event running, wouldn't campaign chances have been a better draw?
I mean it is still really stupid on our part but there might be someone that wants 20 camp chances bad enough to spend 3k gold to get more, but not instance chances with no event on, but hey just venting here and I know you rarely read these anymore.

Still think it would be better if you changed the odds where we could win more than silver in In lucky draw but you cheap !@#$%%^$ so what else should I expect.

JohnWayne s 83


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