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Event: The Apple of Your Eye

Event: The Apple of Your Eye

Event Duration:00:00 22/08 – 00:00 27/08, PDT

We will compile a list of GW functions. Each player can choose 1-3 favorite functions from the list and write a brief comment explaining the reason. All participants can get participation rewards! What’s more, we will publish a popularity rank at the end of the event---all players who have chosen the favorite function (1st place on the rank) will get a mysterious reward related to that function!

List of GW Functions and Corresponding Serial Numbers:
1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
2.Normal & Hero Instances
3.World War
4.Power Battle + Colosseum
5.Land Rush (Alliance War)
6.City Siege
8.Watch Tower

How to Participate:
Write down the serial number and the function name with a short comment, and reply in our event post.

I like function 1. Normal & Hero Campaigns
1.True-to-life scenes and battlefields just like real WWII!
2.It’s incredibly awesome to prevail in grueling campaigns using my own strategies.

1.Participation Rewards:Campaign Chances * 5; Instance Chances * 5; City Siege Chances * 5; MR * 100000; Silver * 150000; RP * 15000
2.Mysterious Rewards:The enigmatic rewards related to the favorite function chosen by players.

1.Remember to reply in the designated event post to get rewards. You won’t get rewards by replying in other posts.
2.The results and the mysterious rewards of this event will be published on fan page and official forum within 48 hours after the event ends.
3.All rewards will be sent to players via in-game mail within 48 hours after the event ends.


i like:
function 1.normal and hero campaigns
reason:i can learn history from campaigns,and adjust my tactic to beat the real hard enemies
2.normal and hero instance
reason:i can coordinate with my friends about what skill have to be casted first,and spare the position,like who is tanker and who is the destroyer

[ This post finally by TugbaHooper on 25-08-2014  18:58 edit ]
why the hell u need to create 80+ server with just 1 GM?


1.Normal & Hero Campaigns

(-) History present in campaign is one of biggest bullshit. Talking about "true to life" or historical knowledge is totally misunderstanding. It is more like sci-fiction lecture.

(-) One of most idiotics stages: Berlin - one of last fight. Hitlerjungen in vehicles! So it is nice....Unexperienced, yang and stupid need to be wipe out. In normal condition they will be smashed, instead it they kill in 1 shot.

(+-) About campaign play - it is nice & demanding. But not all time. After 85-90lvl it becomes annoying, when you have to fight vs 10x more strengh and 2x more units because some "Chinese Great Mind" do nothing but multiply enemy statistics.

Hero campaign is nothing more like "Rank Points" well.

2.Normal & Hero Instances
(+-) Like dungeons in RPG games. Pitty that there are so few of them. Becomes boring when u have to do 1 instance 1000 times - becasue of experience reward (95lvl+).
I think it will be nice if new instances appear with really hard difficulity and gold as reward for them.

3.World War
(-)It becomes boring. Only thing what push it up are honor points. Bonuses are too low and only few players can take full benefits from improve files.

4.Power Battle + Colosseum
(-)One of thing what was broke most.After "Great Chinese Mind" removed rewards (strategy books and manuals) it becomes totally no important. 100  Honor Points as main reward?! Pathetic.... I think no one cares about powerbattle anymore and all leave it on automatically resolve.

(+)It is good that they put Honor points as reward for battles in colloseum, atleast a little fresh waft makes everyones participate.

5.Land Rush (Alliance War)
(-)Bonuses from alliance war becomes too little makes it consigned to oblivion.
Anyway too much dirty tricks can be assigned to win it (spam of skills from subaccounts, sub alliances etc.)

6.City Siege
(+) Sometimes only way to refuel or pissed someones off. Good tool what makes play more active.

(+-) Orgin of all RP. What is not nice, that AI is unpredictable in using skills.
Sometimes can spam tons of skills, sometimes it never use.

8.Watch Tower
(-) Boring, boring boring. Always was and seems to always be....

(+-) Nice that I can use it. Worse that my enemy too... Worst that he pays more cash so he can use much more of them.

(-) Most idiotics idea. Makes chaos and cosmetics changes.

About "participation reward" - you can keep it. I lose more chances every day, what I reported month ago, but you dont care or dont know how to fix it.
[ This post finally by szef506 on 2014-08-25  09:43 edit ]


6.City Siege
I use this to get more RP for obvious reasons
3.World War
Good for getting honor and buying tech books to upgrade skills
5.Land Rush (Alliance War)
Our alliance always seems to get the RP city so good for getting more RP again

LivioMathis, Server 16
[ This post finally by ausmpw on 2014-08-25  04:55 edit ]
Oxymoron:Happy Players, Clever Devs, Tested mods. Love the game.


I like function 8.Watch Tower
Reason: i like tower defence games
[ This post finally by thanght1 on 2014-08-25  18:11 edit ]


BaDMaN S76


1.Normal & Hero Campaigns..i like using tatics for differant levals

2.World War good way to get honor points and tech books

3.City Siege ..good way to get Silver

Dont like

1.Watch Tower .. if it had higher Rp i would do it..but havent done that game since i moved to M3 no point

ALC need more rewards at the moment its not worth joining one the rewards need to be better
[ This post finally by BaDMaN on 2014-08-26  04:50 edit ]
General war memories...BaDMaN s76


I like
6.City Siege
It's a good way to build up silver & mr while reducing opponents resources.
Panzer Meyer
Server 78


I like
   Function 8.Watchtower
     Reason : nice reward

   Function 2.Normal & Hero Instances
     Reason : it give a good reward

   Function 1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
     Reason : i enjoy the story line

S77- Roseburg
[ This post finally by akmal89 on 2014-08-27  06:40 edit ]


ApelHardin s85


5.Land Rush (Alliance War)  because you can get a mass amount of RP from taking over berlin

7.Arena    when the weekly arena bonus comes i get a mass amount of silver and exp to lvl up my stuff

6.City Siege   RP and silver and MR i love doing city siege due to the fact i can steal mass amounts of silver and MR from others


il ike
3 world war easyest way to get skill books
6 city siege awsome way to get RP
8 Watch tower to get stuff to sell for silver

Eerogrimes server 43 Stalingrad


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