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Event: The Apple of Your Eye

AgronWall - S38 Detroit

One major suggestion.... clear the freezing of units on Instances.... its becoming a major problem.


AgronWall - S38 Detroit

2.Normal & Hero Instances
These maybe mundane but they are enjoyable as you get to play with others.

8.Watch Tower
Bring it on... JUST BRING IT ON....

1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
These are not too bad... very inaccurate but for those who haven't been in battle - it can sometimes come close.


i like function 8.Watch Tower
a good way to gain resources using auto

i like function 7.Arena  
i get to practice going head to head with other players

Faiz, S85-Orleans


What to improve

1st - I like to play Instances in GW but when connected remotely connection is not always stable and I lose when abruptly disconnected.  I think game should switch to auto mode instead of register a defeat when connection is lost.  I had few cases when almost won arena, Instance or and city attack when connection failed and I lost.
2nd - Regarding WW2 - it is really good to play along w/other but when one power is too strong the other don't have much choice.  I propose that you add a function to add daily 1 unit in every city that was occupied for last 24 hrs by same power.  Larger cities should get stronger units, where capitals and forts get the strongest.  Then you recalculate how strong it should  based on controlled territory at midnight server time.  The more is occupied by the power the weaker units should be.  For example - if Allies occupy 60% which is greater than 1/3 of all, the units power should be reduced by about 40% or other reasonable percentage.  And the weaker power should get stronger units.   Example: if power occupies just 20% then units should be 50% stronger.  Next step would be to prepare capital uprising if it is taken - the longer it occupied the more units should appear at fight.  King of occupied capital power should be able to call start of it after a 3 days of occupation or later an these extra units should be part of the attack on the capital.
3rd - During world Cup you had extra Instances really fun to play.  Why not have new event - for hockey, or other sports games.


Server US WEST s67


My favorite event is (2) Instances, it's fun to share common goals with other players.


i like

1.  like to try different attack style on enemy.

6. like try steal many silver otter player´s.

server S59


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