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Event: The Apple of Your Eye

I like

1 Hero Campaign, if I'm stuck on campaign I use hero campaigns to get activeness points
3 WW, I use honor points to buy things
6 City Seige, quick way to get RP

DawdaEvans Server 71 (Clinton)


1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
3.World War
5.Land Rush (Alliance War)

S 18



DaddySting    S81

1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
Because it helps you Level up and get higher ranking units
5.Land Rush (Alliance War)  
because you can get a mass amount of  items whether it be gold, silver, or rp


I like function
   2.Normal & Hero Instances
     Reason : teamwork and it give a good reward

     Reason : nice reward

   1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
     Reason : i enjoy the story line
Mitch Rapp
S7- Seattle
[ This post finally by Mitchrapp on 2014-08-25  08:10 edit ]


i like
3 like the team work  but wood like to control the unites my self
6 because i get to attack the unite the way  i want


8.Watch Tower
you can use autofight and you always WIN :-D

2.Normal & Hero Instances
good rewards and stuff for improve

just for RP

AlosBerger S71


NesilCasey.S43, Server 43 Stalingrad

#1 i like the campaign, because its nearly impossible to beat (since the latest updates and changes) and the only real challenge in this game

#3 the world war is nice, it shows a buddhist approach (every week a new beginning...) and is a good source of skillbooks and improvement items

#4 the colosseum finals are the only real pvp in this game and used to have nice rewards, also i like the honor from colosseum (500 a day is nice, but the rewards for becoming king should be increased)
Just my 2¢*** Server: S-43 Stalingrad*** Ingame name: NesilCasey.S43


i like:
function 1.normal and hero campaigns

i can coordinate with friends and win new equipment
:i can coordinate with my friends about what skill have to be casted first,and spare the position,
its awesome and i am able to use my own  strategies
                   Anarchy01   server 7


Event: The Apple of Your Eye

1 i like function 1. Normal & Hero Campaigns
i love history and i love to see and read something about history in campaings
i can coordinate with friends and win new equipment

                            Anarchy01             server7


Apple of Eye

JaronDuffy, S67
I like function 8. Watch Tower
1.Longer lasting battles
2.Very Challenging as the round get harder, the enemy is at a higher level and the placement of enemies is unpredictable.


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