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Event: The Apple of Your Eye

I like function 3. World War
1. Honor gained can be used at higher war levels to purchase valuable material such as skillbooks and skill items.
2. Encourages teamwork among players of same power, to achieve same goal, instead of just lurking each in own corner.

I like function 4. Power battle + Colosseum
1. Winning gives me 20% boost in World War, so I win more often, and get more honor from that.
2. I get extra honor for every victory in colloseum, which makes grind for honor shop items faster.

I like function 9. Improvement
1. It gives you a way to continue using each unit longer, as you maintain it´s competitive edge longer, by improving over time.
2. Once equipment and generals are maxed out, you can still grow your rating, while working campaign for the next level.

GRJohnson of S14


I like function 3. World War
1. I like the overall play style of the world war, it has lots of potential.
2. I like it that participating in the world war will pay off with the buyable items in the honor shop.

Function 5. Land Rush (Alliance War)
1. I like the Land Rush because i think it makes a better communication with ur alc.
2. And it gives u a real good reward after the land rush ends.

Function 4. Power Battle + Colosseum.
1. I say its a fun way to see who is the top player in the server.
2. It is also cool that thye added the honor points in the colosseum, that makes it more interesting to participate in it.
3. I like the Power Battle because i think it is allways good to have a small tournament in the game with the people.
4. And last of all the rewards for each battle are allways good, no complains!

Keep up the good work Gamebox!!!

lucastriker s64 Portland


i like

i like :
1. City siege, increase MR and Silver
2. World War, make decision and strategy with each other.

S2 Manhattan


1. world war! UNLEASH THE HORDE!!!



Function 4. Power Battle + Colloseum
More likely to rank match and the best of it is, equip types and troop rating also matter in the match.

Function 2. Normal & Hero Intances
I like to solo normal at most and Hero instances give me an insight of what troops to buy in the Shop that will boost my rating so as well a better victory for every battle.

Function 6. City Siege
When levy chances are out and the rewards are not enough, most of the time I hang onto this. It gives Silver and MR for every victory, more likely to be said as farming, to boost and buff my troops.

AzmiTate, Server 73
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I like:

2.Normal & Hero Instances
It is the best source of continues improvement of troops

4.Power Battle + Colosseum

It is nice to try week by week to be better

5.Land Rush (Alliance War)

i can t say i like it ... the action is very late for me ... it is 03.00 am

6.City Siege
It is the type of game i like. the rewards depends on how good your are, how lucky you are in finding rich farms to plunder and a good source of items.


I like:

1. Normal & Hero Campaigns:
_ because the main reason am playing this game is to be able to formulate my own strategy on how to beat the different stages in the campaigns.  
- it gives me move self esteem as I conquer/ beat each level

2. Arena
-  it boast my RP which I am needing at the moment as I always attack the highest player next to me to get the highest RP I can get.

3. Power Battle + Colosseum
- this has been one of  my favorite part of the game when the rewards of being the power champion is good ( like with books and few other items)  I used to wait for it and play it cause I wanted to be king in the power battle. I like it cause it's nice to feel like you're the strongest player in your power.  Though I lost a lot of  the eagerness to wait and fight when the game change the reward to just 100 honor for all the participants, it became boring



AlenGentry S-14 Gibraltar

what more megusta the Watch Tower, the coliseun, campaigns, atake to coliseun care and certainly does not leave me much fog event, sincerely ago.


i like ....
1._Normal and Hero Campaign: I like the battles and were its take place
2._Normal and Hero Instances: The most i like its the difficult of the fights
3._Arena: The only thing i like its the high ammount of RP i get

DiteHines Server 61


I like
1.Normal & Hero Campaigns
Because they have various challenges and you can try different tactics to see if you can improve your abilities.

3.World War
I like World War because it takes strategy and working as a team to be successful.

I like improvements because it lets you build your army and you get satisfaction from the continuing improvement of your troops.

LirimMiles S71 (Clinton)


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