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Event: The Apple of Your Eye

I like

3.World War - Can obtain Honor Point to get skill books.
1.Normal & Hero Campaigns - Can get nice reward and blue prints. In addition, you can co-op with other players which makes this game more fun and non-confrontational like in the World War.

Alex Foster  Server 5


1 normal and hero campaigns  the rating levels to complete these campaigns are too high.lower them.
2normal and hero instances are good experience and rewards are fair.but the blueprints are hard to get.rewards should be doubled at all times.
3 world war i liked the fogged troops it gave good honor and other should be done more often.
4 power battle the rewards are a was better from the former rewards.skill books etc.100 honor is not nearly enough.make it 5000 honor.also buying skill books for honor is good but give us more than 1 chance to buy the skill book. also when we do colosseum  matches rewards especially honor should be 100 honor or more for each match.
5 land rush is good but then again the rewards for the cities should be more.Paris should give more experience.
6 City seige rewards are okay.but the information before we attack the city is incorrect sometimes.
7 Arena is good  reward items should be given more often.
8 Watch Tower is okay.
9 Improvements should be better rewards for power battle.
10 Disguise is totally useless.
server S-17 Roma character Demolition
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I like function 7.Arena
I like to dominate there and that gives Reputation Point.
Overall I like the game because it is complex and requires not only a game and thinking how to act.And this text "True-to-life scenes and battlefields just like real WWII!"

SS_1 , S20 - Oakland


1.  City Siege and Arena - gives you MR, silver and RP.  

2.  Normal and Hero campaign - allows you to get needed silver and RP.

EhudJacobs - S73 - Las Vegas


love this game. blowing things up

fuat romero e34 san antonio


#6.  I like that you can gain silver and MR by plundering other players.  Would maybe like to see occupation set to a limit of +- 5 lvls of player being occupied.    Eddybolton  S58-Buffalo
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1. Campaigns - needed RP and silver - Always need to replenish
3. World War - Loved the "Fog of War" to increase honor. did it once and never saw it again Put it up again
6. City Siege - Allows you to chose who to fight, rather then being killed outright in the Arena


6 - City siege - Pick up lots of silver and RP
7 - Arena - Always a mystery who you're up against, would like more rewards than whats given
2 - Instances - Like working with other players in the scenarios


apple of my eye

Player: Ghormangast
Server: S1-Blitz

2.Normal & Hero Instances
These are good so you can team up with a group and attack using a strategy to defeat tough enemies. I also like the ability to obtain better equipment through instances.

3.World War
I like the concept of the world war but think it is unbalanced. The crusader tank is way overpowered and can hold off an entire attack by itself without any players present. There should also be more award/resource cities, it is too easy for a power to have all their top players sit on a city to hold it.


Best functions

Hawkeye.s63 from 63-Pittsburgh

6. City Siege
Can attack players from other factions

2.Normal & Hero Instances
Fun to play on teams

3.World War
Most fun, requires team play, seems broken because since merge people play on different factions, you should make all merge players log in from same portal and only have access to one faction
[ This post finally by Hawkeye on 2014-08-25  17:28 edit ]


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